Tips To Choose Paper Napkins For Special Occasion Like Wedding

Napkins come in various sizes, and some of the most common sizes of napkin, including luncheon, cocktail, formal and dinner. Luncheon size measure 17 by 17 inches, cocktail-size napkins measure 10 by 10 inches, formal size measure 22 by 22 inches and dinner size measure 20 by 20 inches. Generally, the larger size reflects the degree of the meal and the requirement of the occasion. Paper napkin has plenty of benefits, particularly the fact that they can be thrown away after using. These napkins are inexpensive in comparing to cloth napkins because labor costs and the trouble involved in washing and maintaining cloth napkins. Great quality paper napkins are available as well as can be put to use on even formal occasions like paper napkin weddings, parties and funerals.

Below, I have given some great tips to help you select paper napkins:

  • The color of the napkins is one of the most key factors to consider when selecting paper napkins. Always choose the right color for your napkins and it will mostly be influenced by the theme color you have selected for your occasion. Choose a color that matches or contrasts with the theme color. In addition, you can go for the same color as your theme.
  • You also have to think about what you want completed to the napkins for the setting. For example, if you want to have the table set with folded napkins, then go for paper napkins that will not rip up when folded. Besides, you can select lighter paper for napkins that will not be folded in an elaborate way.
  • When picking the color of the napkins, it is vital to keep in mind not to opt a color that is alike or the same as the color of the table cloths. However, choose a color for your napkins that matches or contrasts with the color of the tablecloths as it will make sure that your guests are drawn to the setting of the table instead of the tablecloths.

Table napkins are for rubbing both your mouth and hands while eating or drinking. Additionally, these kinds of napkins can serve as coasters and avoid moisture from drinkable and eatables from marring the surface of a table. You need to use table napkins that are made of quality linen, and match with other arrangements is very significant if you want to make the right table setting. Wash, iron and store them cautiously for soiled napkins is definitely not one that you can use another time.