News Tips to Choose the Right Wheelchair Lift

Tips to Choose the Right Wheelchair Lift


Wheelchair lifts help the elderly as well as people using wheelchairs to overcome accessibility challenges in residential and commercial buildings. The device helps them freely access different levels of the building and allows them to maintain their independence. Advantages of installing a wheelchair lift are:

>> Safe and easy floor-to-floor transport
>> Offers comfort and convenience
>> Enhances user’s sense of independence
>> Adds value to the building

Choose the Right Mobility Equipment

Going by some tips when shopping for this mobility device can ensure value for your investment:

>> Choose the right model: Different models of vertical, inclined and portable wheelchair lifts of are available in the market. The features and functionalities vary. Inclined models require no extra room for installation as they are fixed to the staircase, making them ideal for homes that lack space. On the other hand, vertical lifts are not connected to the stairs and require their own space to set up. Leading manufacturers such as Savaria, Adaptive Engineering, Ascension and Harmar offer quality lifts for stairs. Popular models include the Multilift Vertical, Omega Inclined, Prodigy 5442P Vertical Portable and TG 400. When you a buying a lift, evaluate the various models and choose one that best suits your needs.

>> Check ADA compliance: ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant mobility equipment is certified safe and can be used without fearing accidents. ADA has set certain standards for the safety and convenience of wheelchair users. Reputable elevator and lift companies offer various ADA-compliant platform sizes and car configurations.

>> Security and safety features: Safety should be the first priority when buying a mobility device. Make sure to examine all the safety features that the wheelchair lift has. Most come with features such as sensor to preventing the platform from moving if not positioned appropriately, nonskid surface, hand-held control devices and buttons for wheelchair users, and warnings and alerts to indicate unsafe conditions.

>> Pre-owned accessibility solutions: If you cannot afford to buy new wheelchair lifts, you can also benefit from the pre-owned models offered by reliable mobility equipment dealers. These devices work as well as new ones, but cost much less.

>> On-time inspection and maintenance: A professional dealer will offer timely testing, inspection and maintenance support by a team of certified and experienced factory-trained technicians. Reputable firms also offer comprehensive installation services for new and certified pre-owned wheelchair lift.

>> Check warranty: Going for a reputable brand will ensure a product with proper warranty, which in turn, will ensure peace of mind. Established dealers offer only products with standard warranty and ascertain that the platform lifts they put up for sale are in perfect working condition.

Do some serious research based on these considerations when buying a wheelchair lift. A reliable dealer will provide comprehensive guidance to help you choose the right option.

Tips to Choose the Right Wheelchair Lift
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