Tips to economize during your visit to London

Everybody looks for discounts and offers. Our tender heart starts jumping with joy when we here some special sale or a carnivals round the corner. I feel it’s every human beings tendency to enjoy the freebies. The hospitality sector is making full advantage of this mentality and using it for its marketing campaign. They might as well hike up the prices before and then give a special discount which not only increases their sale but also makes the customer happy. This article will tell you the various ways which are made use of to increase the popularity of the hotels and increase their customer base.

The most common marketing strategy to increase the customer base is the ever popular hotel London discounts. Generally people hesitate to take the services of many luxury hotels, reason being their high prices. But at the same time if they see that one of the most lavish hotels is offering a discount then they would be very contempt and do everything to avail that special discount.

Other very common marketing strategy is declaring a buy one get one free offer. This offer entitles you to avail a free service similar to the one which has been purchased. Though there are few conditions which apply. This offer can prove to be very beneficial, however there are some catch in this condition. Generally service providers do provide a free service but the various taxes have to be borne by the customer. In case of hotels and flights the service charges are quite a lot hence not mush benefit is availed.

Many hotels have a tie up with many tours and travel agencies along with which they declare few special offers. Such as a voucher or codes and scratch card. Each time you avail a service of the hotel you are given a scratch card upon which you can get various freebies. These freebies act as motivational factors.

Another every rewarding marketing strategy is that a customer is given a feedback form while checking out. And once the feedback form is submitted the hotel most of the times give you a discount for your next visit. This not only increases the sale of the hotel but makes in developing relations with the customers which helps in increasing word of mouth sale.

These are just a few of the strategies to name, otherwise the marketing and the advertising department are every day working on various ideas and ways to increase the sales of the hotel. They have a specialized team who only take care of the promotional activities and increases the popularity of the hotel. By advertising the hotel in various tourism magazines and travel websites, they tend to make the facility more popular. During the off season, many hotels do a free upgrade and provide with hotel discount London even before the request of the customers. These are doing an extra bit for the guest. These few things help in making the hotel known for its hospitality.

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