Tips to Enjoy A Good Night Sleep in a Business Hotel

Staying in a business hotel isn’t all about business. It should also be about comfort too. While knowing the right amenities of the hotel you picked is important, you also need to be able to determine what you need to do to have a good night’s rest in it. Here are some practical tips to enjoy your stay at a business hotel. These tips also apply to general hotels as well.

Choose a Room with Booster Pumps

Looking for a quick shower but found out there’s not even a drizzle coming out? Ask the front desk (nicely) which rooms have booster pumps. That way you can be sure the room you’ll be staying in will have constant water pressure throughout your stay.

Pick a Recently Renovated Room

Old hotels doesn’t mean they have old rooms (well, some do have them, though). These old rooms are usually renovated at a set number at a time. Again, ask the management if you can have a recently renovated room. If you can avail one of these, you’ll likely get a room that are more comfortable and stylish to boot.

Make Sure There are No Construction Projects/Noise Pollution

The next thing to look out for is to pick a room away from the main roads or currently ongoing construction projects. Unless your room is sound resistant, expect some sleepless nights if you picked one that are in the proximity of these noise pollutants. This brings us to the other tip below.

Choose the Rooms on the Upper Floors

If you can, always go for the rooms on the upper floor. The higher you go, the lesser your chances of getting disturbed by the noise on ground level. As an added bonus, you will also be treated to great views of the landscape around the hotel too. Finally, picking the rooms on the topmost floors will make sure you aren’t disturbed by any noise coming from above.

Corner Rooms are an Added bonus

Picking rooms on the corner of the hotel is also a great idea, space-wise. That’s because these rooms tend to be bigger than their other counterpart. If you can’t pick a room above, then better pick these rooms. Or if you are lucky, you can pick the topmost corner room as well.

Ask for A Fresh Bedspread

The bedspread on your room might be one that has been previously used by a former guest. Make sure that you ask for a fresh bedspread the moment you step into your room.

Cleaning the Room Devices

The devices on your room like the remotes and phones are usually cleaned before you enter. Nevertheless, you can always make sure by cleaning them yourself using cleaning products like antibacterial wipes. The last thing you need is to catch something while you are in a hotel.

Setup Your Own Mini Bar

MiniBars are a serious pain on your wallet. They are also one of the main sources of dispute between the guest and the front desk. If you don’t want complications and a hole in your pocket, instead of emptying the hotel’s minibar, bring your snacks and condiments and stack those instead. They’re much more affordable and you only get to eat the snacks you prefer.

Tips, Tips, Tips!

This is an unspoken golden rule. Hotel staff will opt to do better for you if you provide them a better reason to do so. That said, in the beginning, providing the best customer satisfaction should already be the norm.

The Front Desk has the Upgrade Power

A former front desk employee, Jacob Tomsky, said that despite hotels saying on their website that every room has the same set of features and amenities, there will always be rooms that are better than the others. Rooms that are bigger, have better showers and running waters and a better view of the city. And the front desk has the capability to put you in those rooms or not.

You can ask them nicely, or you can slip in a twenty dollar tip to get on their good side too.

Never Use Discount Sites

There are a bunch of hotel discount sites out there, like Bookings or Expedia. While they offer great discounts to various hotels, you should never pick them out. Doing so will send the wrong message to the hotel staff – in that you choose value over quality. In return for that discounted price, you get discounted satisfaction as well – most likely, you will be put in worst rooms or worse, you’ll be “walked” to another hotel. If you want to get a decent room and a decent sleep, book directly through a hotel’s website.

Ask Nicely

Finally, this last tip is quite simple. Don’t be a jerk when talking to the staff. Familiarize with them and ask them nicely if you have concerns with something. Don’t simply put the blame on the people in the front desk if you have experienced something bad. While this may get their attention, it will only prove counterproductive in your experience here.

A Good Stay on Your Hotel

Make sure you research the hotel you’ll be staying to make sure their rules, guidelines, features and amenities will be to your liking. And by following these tips, not only will you be able to focus more on your work, you’ll also be more comfortable in your stay here. Do you have any more tips that you can add to the list? If you are planning to visit Cebu, try to look for Diamond Suites and Residences.