Tips to get rid of mildew and bathroom stains

We polled amongst 4000 active readers with a question, “What’s the most difficult part of your house when it comes on cleaning and maintenance?” We were overwhelmed with the responses we got! We heard it loud and clear that toilet and bathrooms commonly are the most difficult part of the house to clean and maintain.

We’ve worked out a few handy tips to give you more mileage at keeping this high-traffic area fresh for longer.

1. Say ‘No’ to moisture: Mildew stains ruin the entire outlook of your bathroom. Nothing can delay stains or mildew but a dry shower. Put a squeegee in your bathroom where everybody could access and play their part after taking a shower. Wipe down the tub, walls and floor to avoid mildew extensions. A little effort after taking the shower can help minimise mildew in the long run. Once you wipe it, leave your door open.

2. Use Water Repellent: You can find a range of water repellents on the shelf. Buy a good brand and use it on the wall so that less hard water, minerals, dirt and soap scum bead so you have less to scrub out.

3. Bar soap is old-fashioned: Bar soap settles down on your sink and melts down with water whereas, liquid soap creates less mess and your counter top stays cleaner.

4. Organize your storage: No matter how frequent you clean your bathroom but it’s not going to show until you keep your bathroom storage organized. Keep your toilet counter clutter-free.

5. Keep your bathroom ventilated: Let sunlight and air come in and pass out so that your bathroom doesn’t suffocate. Dampness could lead to wall fungus and mildew.

6. Disinfect your bathroom: Apart from what product you use to clean your washroom, you must ensure that it has disinfecting agent in it. Germs breed out and lead to wall yeast and mildew. Hygiene is critical.

7. Avoid using sharp tools for cleaning: Apart from trying to remove mildew, you must also concentrate to protect your sanitary and accessories by not using sharp scrubbing tools. Sharp tools may leave scratches on your tiles and polish. Try your best to use soft washing tools like sponge scrubbers, brush and reliable detergents. Try your best to avoid using bleaching agents.

Above are a few tips to observe for removing moulds and mildew but where do you think problem occurs? Problem occurs when we have no time to wash our bathrooms frequently and we leave it wet or damp after using it. Once mildew occurs, it continues to outgrow rapidly. Therefore, if you’re short of time and you’re unable to wash your bathrooms regularly, look out for a support staff and hire maids in UAE or any cleaning services in Dubai to help your bathrooms stay clean and fresh for longer.

If you’re trying to get rid of mildew and stains, follow the tips mentioned above.