News Tips To Help Make Your Yard Noticed

Tips To Help Make Your Yard Noticed


It always makes me happy when I drive by a house that has a finely manicured lawn and a tasteful assortment of shrubs, decorations, and nice flowers. I believe that a nice lawn makes a powerful statement about the person who lives there.

There are several parts to making your yard look nice. Here are some tips to add to the beauty of your lawn.

Lawn Care:

It won’t matter how nice your flowers look if you don’t take care of your lawn. There are many steps involved in this process and I don’t have the time to go over them all, but here are a few highpoints to make your yard look fantastic.

Make sure that you keep your lawnmower blade sharp. It will become dull over time. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, have it professionally sharpened. a sharp blade will cut your lawn much more evenly. This will give your lawn a finely manicured look. I sharpen my blade about 3 times a season.

Trimming your lawn is just as important as mowing it. Make sure that you cut the lawn short around all walkways, flower beds, your house, and your driveway. Make sure that you take your time and cut the grass evenly.


Flowers add color and distinction to any yard. They are like the icing on the cake. The first flower I would like to discuss is the daffodil. Daffodils are the first flowers to sprout in the spring.

One thing I like about daffodils is that they naturally spread. Some people like to dig out the bulbs in the fall, store them and then replant in the spring. I don’t dig up my bulbs because I prefer to allow them to spread. I just make sure that they do not invade my lawn.

One thing I like about daffodils is that they require very little maintenance. I plant them once, and then they grow up each and every spring.

Tulips are a favorite among many gardeners. Their vibrant colors add to any yard. There are countless varieties of tulips. My best advice is to buy a tulip, and then see how it looks in your yard. Make sure that when you are planting tulip bulbs that you place them 6 – 8 inches below ground level and leave a 4 inch buffer zone around each bulbs.

Making your yard look fantastic is a process. This process takes lots of patience. One of my favorite parts of the process is to make changes and see how they look. I am constantly changing up things. Adding new types of tulips and digging up old ones.

Remember that gardening and lawn care takes time. It might take you years to make your yard look like you want it too, but the rewards are great! I love coming home and seeing my flowers in full bloom. It makes me happy!

Tips To Help Make Your Yard Noticed
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