News Tips To Help You Maintain An Original Tiled Floor

Tips To Help You Maintain An Original Tiled Floor


Original Victorian and Edwardian tiled floors were inspired by the floors of grand medieval monasteries. They were extremely fashionable during the 19th century and many members of the royal family had them installed. The way the tiles were originally laid is the reason they were tricky to maintain and keep in good condition. The floor tiles were not grouted which meant they were close together and allowed water and debris to fall and seep between them and underneath them in some cases.
Of course, there is a wide choice of porcelain floor tiles available today but nothing quite beats an original floor installed at the time your period house was built. If you have invested time and money into restoring an original tiled floor, you will want to make sure it stays looking its best for many years to come, and with the right maintenance, it will.
Here are some tips to help you maintain an original Victorian or Edwardian tiled floor:
Never Soak the Tiles
You should never ‘wash’ a floor using a soaking mop or sponge. A damp mop or sponge should be used so that water does not become absorbed underneath the tiles. You should also make sure any residue is wiped off after cleaning
It may be that all your floor tiles need to get them back to their best is a good clean. There are specific ways to do a deep clean on original floors like this, so make sure you follow extensive guidelines and as a priority reseal the floor afterwards so you can keep the floor looking its best after deep cleaning. As with most floor tiles you will need to reseal at regular intervals.
Don’t Wait To Deal with Problems
If any problems arise with the floor you must deal with them as soon as you can. The longer you leave issues, the worse they will get. This is particularly relevant if a floor tile has moved out of place. As the tiles are only held together by each other, it only takes a tiny dislodged piece to cause a large amount of damage.
Use Photographs As Reference
If your floor is in need of a large amount of maintenance and repair, you will need to take a photograph before you move any of the tiles. Once you have taken a photograph, label each tile as you remove it to ensure you are able to put it back in the right place. As a lot of original ceramic tile floors are intricate, you will need to be meticulous in your logging and documenting.
Seek Professional Help If You Need It
You should never attempt to repair an original tile floor unless you know how, or you know the job is simple. Seek professional advice from someone qualified in this area and remember to weigh up the cost of restoration against the value a restored floor will add to your home. In some instances it may be easier and cheaper to remove the old floor tiles and purchase some beautiful new ones. High quality floor tiles can add value to a home, and it may be the case for you that this expenditure will be more worthwhile than restoring your original tiled floor.

Tips To Help You Maintain An Original Tiled Floor
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