Tips To Identify Bird Cherry – Making It As Simple As It Gets

Easy Tips to Identify Bird Cherry

Some people find it hard to distinguish a cherry tree; if this is your case tips to identify bird cherry can help you. More and more individual is fascinated in bird cherry tree because of its good medicinal value. It is proven that bird cherry trees have healing properties. This plant has anti-inflammatory action it is also said that it normalize intestinal functions. It is also believed that bird cherry tree has the ability to stabilize the walls of blood vessel. Indeed, bird cherry is a wonderful tree therefore, all of us should learn the tips to identify bird cherry tree.

Tips to Identify Bird Cherry Tree

Identifying a tree to another is hard because trees have a lot of species and some may even look the same. This case is more complex on cherries. Cherries have wide variety, some are edible, and some are not. But if you will learn the tips to identify bird cherry tree, it will be easier for you this distinguish this wonderful tree. Listed below are the tips that are can definitely help you to tell whether a tree is a bird cherry tree or not.

Look at its fruit. Looking at its fruit is one of the tips to identify bird cherry tree. Bird cherry’s fruits are small and round shaped. It has dark color that looks like deep red. The fruits ripen on the month of August. They are red at first, changing to very dark purple deep red as it ripens.

Taste the fruit. Tasting the fruit is also one of the tips to identify bird cherry tree. Just one bite and you will know if it is a bird cherry tree or not. The fruit’s taste is not easy to forget. It is very acidic and harshly bitter. Bird cherry fruits are seldom used in Western Europe but commonly eaten in Russia and elsewhere. Fruits are readily eaten by birds. Since bird does not taste its acidity and bitterness, they enjoy eating its fruits very well. Birds are the main consumer of its fruit, that’s why it is named after them.

Observe the tree. Observing at the tree is one of the easiest tips to identify bird cherry. Bird cherry trees are smaller compared to any other cherries. It has one main trunk, reaching from ten to twenty feet in height. Observing at its twigs and bark can also help you to distinguish bird cherry tree. It color is grey and has rough texture. Its twigs color is dull greenish to brown. Its bark is scattered with pores. It has a very specific smell that will definitely help you to distinguish bird cherry tree.

Bird Cherry’s flower. Staring at its flower is also one of the tips to identify bird cherry tree. The arrangement of its flowers is its chief distinctive mark. Bird cherry has numerous flowers that grown on short small stalk from an elongated pendulous axis. Each stalk contains at least thirty five small flowers. Bird cherry flower smells like almond, this characteristic helps you to distinguish this tree. Flowers appear in May and June.

The bird cherry leaves. Concentrating on the details of the leaves of bird is one of the tips to identify bird cherry tree. Its leaves are hairless and have sharp edges that looks like a saw because of its fine teeth. The leaf is six to ten centimeters long, oval in shape. Its color is dark green above and paler below. It leaves are arranged alternately on the stalks. Bird cherry leaves are slightly tough and leathery. During autumn, its green leaves turn into yellow.

Winter-Perfect Season to Identify Trees

It is recommended to identify bird cherry tree during winter. Forest is open during this time, there are no insects, and instead of grass many trees stand out strongly. And trees are more visible during winter since it has less leaves.

The first thing you have to do before going out to identify bird cherry tree is to get field guides. It is good to have regional guide as well as specific guides for your area. Field guides can be obtained for free at your local library. Bookstore is another good source for field guides. Look for used field guides. Used books are sold mostly half the original price. If you are just starting out, focus on using mostly photos of trees, this is one of the easiest tips to identify bird cherry tree. Various guides can also provide fascinating fact and information about trees. If you are a nature lover and fascinated with trees, field guides is just perfect for you. Even if a tree is completely bare of leaves during winter, you can still be able to identify it. You can scan around its trunk and look for fallen leaves at its base.

You can also look for left over fruit on the tree. Fruits usually dry out during winter. However, bird cherry fruits are still easy to identify. And remember, you should always take photos. This can help you to familiarize with the characteristic of what ever tree you are fascinated of. You should not forget to label the tree and save it safely in a file. Ultimately, you will create your own data base and will turn into an expert.

Another tip is to use the internet. There is a generous amount of information on any topic on the internet. It also offers a numerous amount of pictures. This will surely help you to arrive at a certain conclusion when you are identifying a tree.

You would not need help of a professional to learn the tips to identify bird cherry. You just have to open your mind. The first time to try it might be the toughest. However, when you get comfortable with the identification process, you will surely realize that it is not that hard. Nature is a gift from God. We should nurture it and we should also show keen interest on it.