Tips to improve Hookah experience

Want to enhance your hookah experience to be the richest and most enjoyable? Sure, that is what you are looking for. It is really a moment of joy when you and your friends make an evening more fantastic with hookah. So, it is better that you add something innovative to make your evening even better.

Though famous brands like Star buzz, Al-fakher, Nakhla and others have various flavors to make you feel richer but sometimes only flavors are not enough to give you an energetic break from the monotonous life. There are certain great tips to really maximize and upgrade the hookah experience.

Have you ever tried ice with hookah? Filling the base of hookah with ice makes the smoke smoother. Sometimes, if it is based with milk then it allows the smoke that much thicker, which is a completely different experience. Similarly, you can experiment with other ingredients according to your taste. Mixing your tobacco with a little bit of honey gives you a satisfying smoke. Putting fruit juice and soft drinks are also very interesting and adventurous idea.

There are some careful measures that are important to keep your tobacco fresh enough to enjoy hookah experience. You need to keep your tobacco in air tight container to prolong its life. Change the water in the glass base after every use. Clean the shaft of your hookah with a brush to avoid clogging and harsh tasting smoke.

To fire your hookah also requires some careful steps for a wonderful experience. For example, when you pack your bowl, make sure to crumble it in your fingers so that it lies loosely in the bowl. Once it is filled, tear a square of aluminum and wrap it over the clay tightly. Poke a bunch of tiny holes on the foil and place the coal on top of the foil. You are ready to smoke!
Make sure also to place the shiny side of the foil inside so that it retains the maximum heat.

There are a number of ways to get a different and wonderful hookah experience. It is up to your taste and likings. Enjoy and live a richer life with hookah.