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Tips to Keep in Mind While Sending a Cover Letter for CV

A cover letter is one of the most important documents to be attached with your resume and the employers often prefer going through this letter before actually seeing your resume. Thus, one must understand the importance of a cover letter and draft it perfectly without making any common cover letter mistakes. A cover letter is a short description of the applicant’s name and the designation he or she is applying for. Cover letter is a very important document supporting your resume. Your job application has to be the best if you want to get it shorlisted for further rounds.

The letter must also contain a brief description of how the applicant is eligible for the job position. However, while writing a cover letter, the candidate must see to it that the cover letter is short but descriptive. Candidates often make a lot of mistakes while writing a cover letter.

The below mentioned are some of the important tips to keep in mind while sending a cover letter for CV.

Things to DO while Writing a Cover Letter:

  1. Keep the cover letter short and simple, yet descriptive.
  2. Mention the employer or the recruiter’s name rather than mentioning Madam/ Sir.
  3. Customize your cover letter every time you send it.
  4. Keep in mind to write the cover letter from the reader’s point of view.
  5. Do not copy, rather try composing your own cover letter.
  6. Mention your skills that make you eligible for the respective job position.
  7. Prompt the reader to take action.
  8. Keep your cover letter professional and avoid using any jargons in it.
  9. Make use of the basic font Arial and font size 10 while writing the cover letter.

Things to AVOID while Writing a Cover Letter:

  1. Avoid making any spelling and grammatical mistakes in your cover letter.
  2. Avoid using aggressive or egomaniac language by using words such as “I” and “My” .
  3. Do not address yourself as Mr/Ms in your cover letter.
  4. Avoid sending hand written cover letters.
  5. Do not make your cover letter lengthy by adding any unnecessary information.
  6. Avoid adding your qualification details in your cover letter.
  7. Avoid any confusions with the address and date.
  8. Do not forget to thank the reader and do mention your signature at the end.
  9. Do not forget to enclose your resume and mention the same in the letter.

The cover letters are the basic documents that will make an employer or a recruiter to further see your resume. Thus, you must be professional as well as conscious while writing your cover letter. Going through various cover letter samples for resume will help you get a clear idea about writing your own cover letter. Get more resume and cover letter tips at bestsampleresume.com

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