Tips to keep your car clean and free of odors

Tips to keep your car clean and free of odors

Tips to keep your car clean and free of odors Read more at

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Wash your car

When cleaning the car, start with the basics. Clean everything that is out of the car and throws away what you do not serve.


If you have special seats for children, check the cup holder and the covers beneath the seats. Without you noticing the food and drink you stay in these sites. Take Car Seat for cleaning.


Spend a cloth car surfaces


Use a soft cloth for the part of plastic, wood, glass and metal surfaces of the interior. If you want to use something more than just warm water to clean, then use a mild soap, it is quite safe to use on any surface and use cleaner for glasses.


If it’s a hot day, then leaves open the windows and doors to cool down or heat will, therefore, be impossible to clean it up with the heat, it will smell much worse!


Clean inside of the glove. First remove all, after passing a rag.


Removes odor with a deodorant car


Once you’ve cleaned the car and cast out looking odors, consider using a deodorant for the entire car to remove once and for all any unpleasant whiff.


Change the air filter in the cab if the car has one


This could make a big difference. Look at the user manual.


In the future, you must clean up any spills immediately


It is much easier to remove just when that happens and there is less smell if you remove quickly. Besides, often it happens brush to sweep food scraps, empty bottles, and any organic matter quietly walk by the car like, clothes, equipment or clothing.