Tips to make your chocolates last longer and stay fresh

Doubly Chocolate Cookies

The thought of saving a few chocolates for tomorrow or day after is impossible. Most of us would finish off the entire pack before they need to be preserved. However, when your mom returns from the euro tour and brings you an assortment of chocolates, which would last months, you need to know the best tips to make the chocolates remain fresh. The texture and flavour of the chocolate can be destroyed by heat, humidity and very strong doors. Here are a few tips you could implement on for storing chocolates:

  1. The chocolate bars should be stored in between 60 and 65°F. (16-18°C)
    Heat is the biggest enemy of chocolates. Slowly and gradually it will drive away its aroma and then the flavour. When it goes to extremes, the chocolate will melt, thus wrecking the texture of the chocolates. Also, a fat bloom can develop on the surface of the chocolate. It will look unpleasant but will not hurt you. Bloomed chocolate has poor texture, and this blooming is a sign of very poor storage. If you are wondering what you must do with one such bar, simply taste it. You will not want to dump it in the dustbin. If you do not find it edible, you can make use of it while baking a cake.
  2. When you store chocolates under too cold a temperature, the crystalline structure affects the chocolate’s texture and can even cause bloom. The makers of chocolate take great care while making a bar in which cocoa solid and the cocoa butter are intimately mixed. This hard work can be ruined by extreme of temperatures.
  3. Store the chocolates in a dry place – The relative humidity, ideally, should be under 50%. Too much of moisture may condense on the bar, leading to drawing out all the sugar on the surface. This might not totally upset the flavour of the chocolate. It only disturbs the texture. Give it a try to decide if you want to eat it or mix it in something else.
  4. Keep the chocolates away from direct sunlight – The sun will not only heat it, but will further destroy its flavour.
  5. Avoiding strong odours is a must – Do not keep your chocolate in the fridge right next to the kimchee or the garlic. In seconds chocolate absorbs odours. Always keep chocolates in a different box altogether. When the chocolate won’t smell good, it won’t taste good either.
  6. Keep the chocolates far away from dogs – Chocolates are a powerful stimulant for dogs and they might have a massive heart attack. The intensity depends from dog to dog.
  7. Buy a mini refrigerator and store all your chocolates in it – Have you seen those tiny refrigerators in dorm rooms? The temperature should be set on the warmest. Keep it clean and make it a home for your chocolates.

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