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Tips to Make Your Trade Show Pop Up Display Stand Out


No matter what industry you’re in, you probably have the opportunity to attend a trade show at least once a year or maybe more. Get the most out of your time in the convention hall with a professional trade show pop up display from a company that specializes in making your booth look its best. Not only do you want to reach every attendee while they’re at the show, you want them to remember you in a positive manner. Here are some tips to stand out. Exhibit Solutions offers great display for your booth.

Give Your Booth a Theme

Relate the theme of your small space to the brand of your company or sales pitch. You could also tie it into your location, especially with an out of town trade show that may not be familiar with your state or city. The key is to make your booth interesting and unique among the other companies in attendance. A trade show pop up display is just one aspect of your booth that adds visual appeal.

Special Effects

Think about all five senses in your booth. Yes, you want visual materials, but once someone steps into your booth, give them a sensory overload with smells and sounds that they will remember and associate with your brand. Interactive displays that engage your customers are another great tool.

Give Attendees a Reason to Stop at Your Booth

Offer hospitality to your customers, like a cookie or cup of coffee. Promotional items are a great way to keep your company’s name in their minds. Think beyond pens, so that you stand out in the myriad of items that get passed out at a trade show. Raffles and giveaways are a great way to build a database of potential customers for after the show. If you send out a press kit, consider announcing a raffle for a higher dollar item. Always check to make sure that the trade show allows it.

Hire a Spokesperson

If you have a company mascot, it doesn’t cost much to hire someone to come in a wear it during the trade show. You could even rent some kind of costume that matches the theme of your booth which draws people into your space. A local celebrity or athlete may also be a good choice depending on your company. Create a buzz around your booth to get noticed.

An Impeccable Display

Whatever methods you use to make your booth stand out, you want a professional display that looks great and doesn’t fall apart with the number of people that come through. Make a table cover with your logo that coordinates with your booth and is reusable year after year. Your trade show pop up display should be precisely what your company represents and make people remember you. You want your customers to notice you no matter where you are located in the busy exhibit hall. Then, you want them to pay attention for the right reasons. When your company looks professional and is engaging, the customer will flock to you. Your business will see the return on investment that you expected when you signed up for the trade show.

Tips to Make Your Trade Show Pop Up Display Stand Out
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