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Tips to Measure the Influence Social Networks Have on Your Blog Traffic


You have a wonderful blog. You are posting several times a week, you are only writing relevant and fun posts, and you use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest to promote your blog through fascinating and informative blurbs. It would be nice to know, though, if you were actually getting traffic to your blog, wouldn’t it? After all, you want to know if you have an audience – if you are influencing and making a difference.
Well, there happens to be a simple solution to that problem. First, let’s tackle a simple way in you can discover if you are getting any traffic to your blog if you are using the “Blogger” platform that is powered by Google. Google makes it very simple to check your traffic status.
First, you have to access your blog on your computer or a webpage on another device. If you use the “blogger” app, you will not be able to access the status of your blog page views. Once you are on the overview page in blogger all you have to do is click on the word “status” on the left side of the web page. This will show you how many people view your blog each day as well as which pages are the most popular. This will help you write more posts that are similar to already popular posts.
Another popular platform for writing blogs is WordPress. On your home you can access a view of the status of your page views from the “Stats” tab.
Wouldn’t it also be wonderful to know if any of the social media platforms you are using are actually working and driving traffic to your blog? Well, there is some wonderful news for you. You can find out just exactly what is driving traffic to your blog so you can keep doing what you are doing right and improve anything that needs improving.
Your blog’s statistic page will not let you see accurate data about what outside source is driving traffic to your page. However, there does happen to be an outside service that will track this data for you, organize it, and then present it to you in a way in which you can easily understand it. This service is called Google Analytics.
Google Analytics works with any type of web page. It is also free.
Now, Google Analytics does not only tell you how many people visit your blog, it also tells you how long they stay on your blog down to nearly the second. It will also track how many pages people visit and who are re-visits. Google Analytics also tracks where people are when they access your blog as well as where on the internet they are when they are driven to your blog.
Hope that this post will help you! If you would like to find out more about Google Analytics you can go to their official website.

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Tips to Measure the Influence Social Networks Have on Your Blog Traffic
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