Tips to prevent and protect from the evil eye

Tips to prevent and protect from the evil eye


Precautionary rituals
It is a superstitious belief, which may be exercised by a person, to transmit negative energy and cause harm to others. Even today it continues to believe strongly in the evil eye. In this article, you will find tips to prevent and protect from the evil eye

The belief of the evil energy of view exists in all the world. It is a really old myth discovered in many ancient cultures of Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America.

One of the most peculiar features of this belief is that the evil eye, is presented in the same way in every corner of the world, despite cultural differences, as well as forms of prevention and many similarities in the ways of cure it.

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How it is transmitted

In most places, the mode of communication is constantly the selfsame: a look. It is think that the evil eye or “evil eye” may occur voluntarily and involuntarily.

The person exercising the evil eye very negative energy transmitted through the eye and is absorbed by the person to whom it is projected away.

There are regions where the evil eye is performed by a small ritual or spell, such as spilling oil or salt, in front of the home between 12 midnight and before sunrise.

It is believed that with only praise the qualities of a child can convey evil eye.

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Evil Eye symptoms

Historically, lady are usually these with the capability to browse. It is considered that the most vulnerable groups may suffer evil eyes are kids and young kid. anyhow, everybody can suffer this evil.

Common symptoms of this curse are:
Decay or fatigue
Loss of appetite and vitality
Lack of strength
Sadness and anxiety
Generally, to cure the evil eye must resort to a curandera, that through prayers and prayers (which can not be heard by others) will dispel the evil eye of the patient.

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Forms of prevention
To prevent the evil eye, when the qualities of a small child praise must be added the phrase God congratulate you in finished.

different form of prevention, especially with kids, is to make physical contact with: when you are looking into the eyes of a kid necessity be at minimal touching his hand or foot. Thus, the transfer of negative energy is stop through the gaze.

wherever you presume that somebody has looked so bad or intense a child or yourself, remind a general opinion that you should get the gesture of “spitting” in that direction, to return evil.
Avoid contact of young kid with many of people. while they are little, they are very likely to capture the energy of its surroundings and is very easy to stay mojados usually involuntarily.
It is very popular to use a red ribbon to avoid the “envy” another minor form of evil eye, but can cause damage to people.

There are various types of amulets indicated for the protection from the evil eye; Turkish eye, which is a blue circle of glass should carry all the time and is available in stores. Carrying a coral stone on top is also a charm against the evil eye.
In ancient Egypt the Eye of Horus representation as a protective talisman mojo was used.