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Tips To Purchase Spare Parts For Your ATV

There will come a time when your ATV will need repairs and replacements, no matter how well you’ve maintained it. That’s when you’ll find yourself in a dilemma of how to choose the best spare part at the best price. Here are a few suggestions to help you make an informed choice.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Spare Parts

Durability –

It goes without saying that the spare parts that you need to purchase should be durable. ATV spares don’t come cheap and you would want to ensure if they’ll last you for a while. While original spares, manufactured by the brand are the best in this regard, the non-branded ones also put up a decent show. Albeit, make your choice wisely.

Shipping –

When you purchase off road vehicles online, you may want to think over the shipping costs involved. While the shipping costs for a small part may not pinch you so bad, it may not be a smart decision to buy the big parts online since they’ll entail huge shipping costs. Make sure you compare the overall cost of buying the parts online and offline and take a call accordingly.

Sets –

Sometimes you may get entire sets of tools or spare parts. While buying single spare parts can appear to be cheaper than buying an entire set, it’s the latter which is actually economical. If its just one off spare part that you need then its surely wont be feasible to buy an entire set but if there are more number of parts you need, buying sets can be a wise decision.

Price –

Original parts will certainly be expensive as compared to the local ones therefore making the latter a more attractive choice. However, these local brands take no stand for their products and therefore are of questionable quality. If you don’t want to comprise on the safety or durability aspects, consider chipping in a little more to get something good.

New vs. Used –

Buying used parts can be risky and even wear out faster than you’ve expected. Paying a little more to get a new one will ensure you don’t have to think about repairs for a while. Its always recommended that new spare parts be purchased for ATVs since these vehicles are run on rugged terrains and compromising on the quality of the spare parts can mean putting yourself or your family at risk.

Grade –

The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ doesnt always apply and hence, you should insure that the spare parts you invest in are made of the best quality materials. Buying original spare parts can ensure that you have the highest grade of parts and you don’t need to think much about the quality.

Do you think only branded spare parts should be invested in, or the non-branded ones also work well enough? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below. And, for more information on the best off road vehicles or spare parts for your Polaris youth ATV, visit online at Polaris India.

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