Tips To Selling Your Own Health And Beauty Products

Many people have started their own home based business selling the ever popular health and beauty products. Some of course have more sales than others while some get no sales at all. What is it that makes a difference when selling your health and beauty products? Why do some people get more business than others? There are things that you can do that will increase your sales almost immediately, custom labels, and marketing are some things people do. If you rather not look over someone else’s shoulder here are some tips that will help your home business take off.


Exposure can come in many different ways, banners, custom labels, or the internet. You have to find a way to let people know you are there. The best possible way that you can get some attention is by using your friends. If you have a social networking account such as Facebook let your friends know that you are starting your own business. With a little luck and maybe a few requests from you they will tell their friends and soon you will have several new customers from one single status update on your account.

Creating Custom Labels For The Product

Custom labels on the products you are selling can make all the difference. Your product will look professional and once someone tries it then word of mouth takes it from there. Also a customer who has your information on the product is likely to come back for more. They will not forget where they got this awesome makeup or perfume and will be return customers. A business is built on return customers. You can also count on those customers telling their friends about you because they will have your information right at their fingertips.


We discussed social networking advertising, but the fact is that unless you have thousands of friends in your Facebook page you will need more customers than that. If you cannot advertise on a bigger newspaper that is not that bad (although the classified section can bring a lot of business), because you can always go with a cheaper option if your community has a local newspaper. The people in your community are the best people to attract when you start your business because they are close and they probably know you so they feel a sense of trust with you

Wear Your Product On Your Sleeve

You can be the advertising you need. That means that if you get your information on say a shirt, a hat or a bumper sticker, you can get your company out there. If you wear a shirt with your company’s name or logo it also gives it a lot more credibility, plus it shows pride on what you are doing. You can get custom labels on all of those options, and getting the printing on them is not as expensive as it may sound, in fact it may be some of the most cost effective advertising you can do for your company.