Tips to take care of yourself when you're a mother

Being a mother brings great satisfaction, but also huge challenges, including taking care of yourself in the midst of so much responsibility. Having spent the first nine months of your pregnancy dedicated to you, it is normal volcarte the baby at birth. You should not forget your own care, because otherwise you could soon fall into the postpartum sadness.

How to do it:
Beware throughout the day

When you are a mother, you have to optimize your time. You must not neglect your beauty and hygiene routines, and for that, get used to incorporate care your daily chores. Sleep when the baby sleeps, Shave in the shower and makeup tricks learns fast and effective to do it look like you actually slept.

Practice sport

It is not easy to find time or energy to exercise with children, but the best way to improve your mood and regain your figure. Avoid wearing impossible goals, and incorporates the sport into your daily life. It is better to walk twenty minutes each day to not do anything.

Surround yourself with friends

Avoid isolating yourself when you have your baby, and then when your children are older and have to balance work and motherhood. Talk and meet with other women, have children or not, is very healthy for you and for your children, because you will feel better and have more patience with them.

Communicate with your partner

The relationship often suffers when children come and may even result in disunity. Do not panic, because it is inevitable. If you communicate to your husband or your boyfriend what you need and expect from him, is much more likely to get it. Let him exercise of father and not try to do everything alone.

Be less demanding with yourself

A mother is not, nor should be, a super woman. If you give up to have a spotless house, you acknowledge that you are not perfect and relax about motherhood, you will be much happier. Try to enjoy motherhood and use humor to get over the overwhelming moments