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Tips to Troubleshoot “An Existing Connection was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host” Error

If you’re tired of facing annoying Windows errors on your device, then you should look out for some self-help PC troubleshooting guides. Alternatively, you can also contact an online computer support firm to get rid of those stubborn PC problems. Read this article to know why “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error occurs on your device and how you can repair it.

You may face numerous computing problems while working with your data-rich systems. The common apprehension that you all have in your mind is that you don’t wish to get your machine compromised or suffer any data loss. Unfortunately, uncertain computing problems, system errors, and hardware issues may lead to complete data loss, and it may cause serious damages to your vital computer parts. Computer geeks recommend exercising PC maintenance strategies regularly to maintain good health of your computing devices. It is true that occurrence of PC errors may interrupt your regular computing operations. You can contact an online tech support vendor to avail instant remote PC support services, but you may need to pay for the service.

Read below to know how you can fix the “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error without taking help from computer geeks:

Symptom and Causes of the Error

You may experience “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error while connecting to the ‘QRServer’ over SSL with ASP.NET. The error may appear on your PC screen during the SSL handshake. You will experience the error on your device due to the following reasons:

1. Private Key
2. Certificate Location
3. Permissions
4. Certificate Type
5. Trust
6. Certificate Validity

Computer Repair Tips to Resolve the Error Code
Tips to Resolve ‘Private Key’ Issues

• Confirm that a private key gets associated with the certificate using the.NET ASP Web App.
• If not, then issue a new certificate, including the private key for your ASP .NET Application, from the Certificate Authority.

• Open the certificate- > ‘General’ tab -> check that the private key is present along with the certificate.

Tips to Resolve ‘Certificate Location’ Issues

• ASP.NET Web Applications require certificates located in the Local Machine Certificate Store.

• Ensure that you don’t have any certificates stored in the Current User Certificate Store.

• Installing the certificate in the ‘Local Machine Certificate Store’ helps the machine in reading the certificate properly.

• Ensure that the correct certificate and its associated private keys get imported into ‘Local Machine Certificate Store.’

Tips to Resolve ‘Permissions’ Issues

• Firstly, gain full control of the certificate and key.

• Assign full control permissions for the ‘Everyone’ to the private key manually.
Tips to Resolve ‘Certificate Type’ Issues

• Correct your certificate according to the pre-defined standards.

• Enable its usability settings for ‘All Purpose’ use.

• Set the ‘Intended purpose’ of the certificate to either ‘Client Authentication’ or ‘All Purpose’ use.

• Edit the properties of the certificate and make the necessary corrections to resolve the issue.

Tips to Resolve ‘Trust’ Issues

• Remove or delete all the certificates having accreditation from untrusted CA.

• Try installing all Root and Subordinate CA certificate(s) for the Local Machine Certificate Store to fix the error.

Tips to Resolve ‘Certificate validity’ Issues

• Confirm that the certificate is fully valid and issued to the service that is using it.

• Check the expiry date and issuing details to confirm certificate’s validity.

• If the certificate isn’t valid, then you can either delete it or simply issue a new valid certificate from the CA, including the private key.


The error may occur on your computer screen for numerous reasons, but you will require finding the exact cause of its occurrence to repair it. You may find a relevant PC troubleshooting tutorial to fix specific error cases but ask for expert tech help, if the error does not get resolved. Online computer support companies are available 24/7 to assist you in fixing your PC problems and complex computing issues. Computer geeks are proficient in deploying error fixing technologies to your computer so that you enjoy a safer and hassle-free computing experience.

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