Tips to Use iPhone Health App

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Apple is known for innovation and the latest technology. It is always about giving something new to its users. The recent introduction of iPhone health app is something that is an amazing addition to its iOS mobile OS. The app is all about helping users track and manage their health status.

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The Health App came bundled with iOS 8 and is now one of the most popular apps related to health. The app might seem simple at first, but you will find it informative, and it helps in keeping you on the fitness track. The advanced functionality and applicability of the app is what makes it popular amongst iPhone users. If you know how to use it then, you will be able to draw benefit from it.
Let us learn about the tips to use iPhone Health App:

The Dashboard

When you launch the app, you will be greeted with a Dashboard if you are using iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It is the place where you will find inbuilt step tracker that uses sensors to automatically depict user movement. Your physical activity will be automatically recorded with the app.

The sensor works by keeping a record of your physical activity like walking or running, including walking up flight of stairs. Over the time of day, week, month or a year all your data is stored for you to keep a track of your physical activity. It helps you by keeping an eye on the fitness routine that you have been following over a given period. Your data is automatically displayed on the Dashboard, but you can make changes to it accordingly. You can display data as per your preference and make relevant changes to it.

Medical ID

The Medical ID tab helps you create your Medical ID. The information that you will include in the tab will be displayed on the lock screen of your iPhone. It is all about using the information during an emergency or a situation where you might medical attention. Any other user would be able to go quickly through it and provide the much-needed help.

It is more like a medical ID wristband that is digitally stored on your phone. However, you will need to check the health data during an emergency. Tap the Emergency button to launch the emergency dialer-> Medical ID. All this is done when the screen is locked.

Health Data

The Health Data tab is where you have a list of different data. The data includes all that the HealthKit service can track. The HealthKit allows using third-party gadgets for tracking health and other apps for data sharing. You will easily access your health data stored in other such apps using this app. It is as if you have a vault that now contains your consolidated data related to your health and fitness.

All the information gets constantly monitored and added automatically. You can easily add other app data to this app, and your iPhone will keep updating the data. The Apple Watch additionally helps in tracking fitness of the user.

You can add data manually. For example, you want to keep a track of your weight then: Health Data-> Body Measurements->Weight-> Add Data Point. You can keep a track of your weight every day and add latest data to it. It helps keeping a regular check on weight, and you can anytime go back to check the history of weight. Use the toggle function to choose ‘Show on Dashboard’ option.
You can manually track your blood pressure, weight, time spent in sleeping, and your caffeine intake. Another thing is the “Share Data” that helps you view apps that are providing data to the Health app. If you are confused about the functionality of it then you can call for online tech support to guide you through the process.


After you have given permissions to other apps for adding data, they appear in the Sources section. Any app that is collecting or compiling your data will appear in this category. It helps in keeping track of what all apps you have utilized for consolidating your complete data at one place. Each app will be able to provide data relevant to your fitness and health. The Health app can access all the data from different apps that are displayed in the ‘Sources.’


It is all about keeping a track of your health using an app that consolidates data from various other apps. You can add data and include vital information to help you. Additionally, you will be able to keep a track of your fitness activity over a given period.


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