Tips and tricks for decorating small spaces

You’ve just snagged that city center apartment: fabulous location, limiting sense of space. Follow this guide from a city girl on how to maximize your space

Living in a city can be great, but it leaves you literally starved for space and many times pinching pennies: small spaces for very expensive prices. So here are a few ideas for making the most of your spaces and getting the most bang for your buck:

Invent rooms: Most city living leaves you with limited living options and not a whole lot of “rooms.” If you find yourself in the typical studio situation, one open room for everything, make your own rooms, or corners at least. Buy a large bookcase and use it to partition your sleeping area from the living room and kitchen. It will help to make you feel like you’ve got an actual bedroom and make you feel less exposed. The bookcase can also double as storage: Get those bins to put in there and you’ve just bought yourself plenty more space.


Play with mirrors: never underestimate the power of mirrors. There’s several tricks for making your apartment seem larger than it appears. Place a large floor length mirror behind a table or piece of furniture to make the room seem amplified. Or place a mirror on the wall opposite a window to fake the presence of another window. It will open the room up and even bring more light into the room.


Choose your stairs wisely: If you’re lucky enough to have two floors in your apartment or at least a loft setup, don’t shirk your stairs and do your research. You’re not purchasing under bed storage containers, this is something you want to have for a while. There’s actually many lines of space saving stairs out there on the market that are designed with tiny dimensions to give you more room to play with. If you want to save a little money, go for DIY stairs as well. It will save you the time and money of hiring a contractor to order and install them.

space saver stairs

space saver stairs

Vertical organizing: Whether you’re decorating or thinking about storage, think about going vertical. Horizontal decorating is a waste of space and by going up towards the ceiling, you’ll give yourself much more side to side space.

vertical home decorating

vertical decorating


Place electronics wisely: Ditch the classic TV stand and go for the suspended version up against the wall. This works in much the same way that the previous point explains: it saves more horizontal space and in this case, all that space underneath the TV you would have wasted with a clunky space stealing stand.

suspended TV

Decorating your miniature apartment can be a challenge, so make it some fun. Dive in with a plan and utilize wisely every space and corner of the home to give you more precious living room, and who knows, maybe you can even throw a dinner party for some friends!