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Tired Of Typing Your Text? Use Dial My Calls

After whatsapp and viber there is new app in the play store of IOS and Android devices. Dial my calls app is an app of calling, messaging any friend from your phone book. It is voice broadcasting app. It means you can send voice message to your friend. You can do voice or video call. You can also share videos and photos and with your friends. The recent version is updated in June. It is more quick and simple now. If you want to call any person but the call is not connected dial my calls will connect you to the answering machine or leave a message on that person’s phone. It is a small organization. Who have invented dial my calls. This app is very famous in USA because millions of companies are using this app. It is the most appropriate app for conferences, group calls and long distance calls.

Dial my calls app is completely free to download. Those callers who have large groups to call every time can buy call credits from the app store. In this way the app become more efficient for video calling. You can millions of phone numbers or contact information from this app. It does not mean that it is an open and unsafe app. Dial my calls app will send the information to other person by your choice otherwise all your contents are strictly confidential. Dial my calls connects you with the dialmycalls.com through this you can get access to your account. All your updates are assembling by the website. It is a step to control the bugs during the calls.

The call result is very good. The voice messages are sent with in a blink of eye. Sometimes text messages can not define the emotion behind your context. Voice messages are a great deal for this. If your mom is angry with you and not answering the call, you can send an emotional voice message which tells her how much you love her. She will definitely read it and forgive you from your mistakes. Similarly, it is also very useful for professional life. You can send voice message to your secretary to call the meeting before you arrives at office. It will save time and all settings will be done before you enter in the office. You can send one voice message to a group. You can design a beautiful voice message and invite all your friends in your wedding without calling them one by one. Just one message will be delivered to everyone.

This app is optimized for tablets, smart phones and compatible for Ipad mini phablets etc. it only has the capacity of one hundred and forty words for a voice message. The homepage gives you the username and password option. Then you will see the entire last message and call histories. Along with the choice of developing a new voice message or new video call. Dial my call is the quicker way to connect with people.

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