Titanium Tube Available With Higher-Strength-To-Density

In Comparison to nickel and steel based alloy, titanium has 60 % of density due to which this material is applicable in military and commercial market as well as in aerospace industries. In addition, the titanium alloy is introduced as ninth most luxuriant item in the earth crust and also available as seventh most luxuriant metal. Apart from this, a tube is available for fluid transmission purposes in various industries such as chemical and petrochemical, power generation, marine, sporting goods, pulp and paper and nuclear. In addition, these tubes are also useful for various high pressure and high temperature applications. In oil & gas industry, these products are applicable for working with heat exchangers and in aerospace industry, it is ideal to produce both airframe and engine components. Besides, other uses of tubes made from titanium alloy includes for offshore drilling rig components and subsea equipment. Being a lustrous transition metal, titanium can also be alloyed with aluminium, iron, vanadium, and molybdenum.

Available with higher strength-to-density, the titanium tubes are available with resistance against heat and corrosion, excellent stiffness and toughness. They are useful for high temperature water and stream environment to provide better substance in comparison to stainless steel or other alloys. They have high melting point and excellent heat transfer properties with non-magnetic in nature. Apart from this, tubes made with titanium are composed with 7, 9 and 12 grade of chemicals in a number of models such as ASTM B337 / ASME SB337, ASTM B338 / ASTM SB338, ASTM B861 / ASTM SB861 and ASTM B862 / ASTM SB862 etc. Available in compact and rigid construction, these equipments are made in round as well as rectangular shapes so you can choose them as per you requirements.

For these products, the size of OD ranging from 10 mm~114 mm and available in a maximum value of length up to 16000 mm. Moreover, for wall the size of OD ranging from 0.5 mm ~ 15 mm. Being 100% Eddy Current Tested (ET), Ultrasonic Tested (UT), Pneumatic Tested and Hydraulic Tested, the tubes are provided from commercially pure titanium alloy that have high tensile strength. They are featured with moderating modules in order to provide shock-absorbing and supple ride. Therefore, these equipments can be welded, seamless, CDW, FBE and ERW with epoxy coating that provide them protection against any kind of defect and damage. You can find a titanium tube with beveled end, plain end or threaded end according to your purpose of use. Feature with durability and reliability in nature, these tubes are equipped with bending buffing. Besides, these tubes are available at very affordable price to fulfill all your necessary needs and requirements by providing in different specifications and dimensions.