To Get The Truth; follow the Money

I live in Jamaica.  I say this as those who live in the West Indies know about ‘Moors’.   This is because the ‘Moors’, North Africans, were the most dangerous pirates.  They captured thousands of ships, enslaved millions of people. We know this, because it was many people who lived in Jamaica, who were traveling to or from Jamaica who were captured.

History ignores this, sweeps the power of North Africans away as a blip. Those who live here, know of the dozens of Agencies that had been set up to redeem slaves taken by the Moors.

To avoid arguments as to how powerful the Moors were, don’t go to history.  History is written by the victors.  It is written with a bias, deliberately or accidentally.  Follow the money.

Lloyds of London insured ships.  In one seven year period, it paid out on nearly Five Hundred ships that were captured by Corsairs.

Anyone who has the misfortune of dealing with an insurance company, knows they do everything Not to pay.  They investigate, they disqualify, they look to cut their losses.

For Lloyds to pay out on nearly Five Hundred ships means that many more were captured and many claims were dismissed.

That means that there were a Lot of ships captured by Corsairs. A lot of Europeans who were captured and enslaved.  A lot.

In Jamaica, 1 Duke Street was owned by the Women’s Self Help; which was an agency set up to redeem women who were captured by the Moors and teach them trades so that they could survive.

It was only after the Moors were defeated, that Piracy was ended, that these trusts were dissolved, the money going to create Teacher’s colleges for ex-slaves.

In almost every ex-British territory there is some imposing teacher’s college which was built through the funds collected to redeem those taken by the Moors.

This is the impact the Moors have had on West Indian society.

Follow the money, follow it forward, follow it back, and you’ll find the truth.

In the modern world, being on the Parish Disaster Committee, needing to track hurricanes, I use Boatus insures yachts.

It is very important to Boatus that if you have a yacht they insure, they make it the centre of their being to track a storm, inch by inch so that they can advise their customers where to go.  If they don’t, if a yacht is damaged, they have to pay.

To emphasise this; hurricane Tomas was ‘supposed’ to hit the East Coast of Jamaica.  The country went into the usual panic.  There were lock downs, there was the opening of Shelters, a number of crucial businesses had staff sleep over.

Having tracked Tomas, it was clear it would run between Jamaica and Haiti.   I tried, I really did, to inform various meteorological services they were wrong.

They ignored me.

Tomas followed the track Boatus set.  I was on the beach at midnight, there was a little drizzle.  That was all.  Millions of dollars wasted, terror dispensed, for nothing.

As I am writing, Ericka is moving through the Caribbean.  Jamaica has been told it will hit.  The site that insures yachts has it passing far to the North of Jamaica.

Believe a meteorologist or a site the insures yachts?

When you need to know the truth, follow the money.