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To Kill Stress


The major hurdle is to realise you are stressed. Are you constipated for no reason? Are you tired? Are you waking up early for no reason? Do you find you have no time for anything? Do you feel that part of your brain is blocked? Are you thinking the worst of everyone and everything? Do you have no dreams nor desires?

You are stressed.

Once you admit that you are half way there. Now; what is it that is causing your stress?

Are you working for a Boss From Hell?
Are you in a torturous relationship?

Find out what it is, for it’s not hidden. You know. You may want to hide it from yourself, but you know.

When you have a Boss From Hell after taking all possible avenues to block the input, you find another job. It doesn’t matter what or where it is. You are to leave.

Once you have this weight on your back caused by this BFH, get out. What you should do is find another job, and if you can take a vacation from BFH and not go back after your vacation, but go somewhere else; this is ideal.
If not, jump into anything as quickly as possible.

The new job doesn’t have to be permanent, doesn’t have to be ideal, it is just not for a BFH and therefore the stress is dripping off you like sweat. Once you get back you, then decide where and when and how. But getting away is winning.

If you are in a relationship with someone who makes you miserable, get out. Use whatever tricks up your sleeve to get out. There are ways to disappear, and I’ll write about them later, but right now, you have got to recognise that the relationship is not going to work, does not need patching, it needs ending.

As soon as you escape your stress maker, recognise you are ‘recuperating’ from a disease. Recognise there will be moments of panic, there will be moments of unbalance, but they will pass.

That is why getting a ‘vacation’ after escape is almost mandatory. You need to detox.

Over time you will regain yourself. You don’t need medication, you don’t need therapy. You simply need to remove the stress maker. Think of it as an annoying alarm. You shut it off. You don’t have to study it, you shut it off.

Many times stress produces ‘symptoms’ of disease. You may have on of those rip-off doctors who will send you for every test known to medicine, so will deplete your bank balance as quick as possible. You may be lucky and get a real doctor who will be spot on, and identify stress.

Sure, yoga, meditation, painting, whatever is a great diversion, but getting that stress maker out of your life is what is vital.

That is why the first hurdle is locating what is producing that stress and seeking to have it amputated. You can do it. It is not climbing Mount Everest, it is not impossible. Find it, face it, and remove it.

To Kill Stress
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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