Toddler Bath Tub Toys- Sassy Bath Toys

Toddler bath tub toys are primarily used as a bribe to get kids to take a bath and wash their hair. Many times babies and toddlers do not like taking a bath and they especially don’t like hair washing. I have experienced this with my kids as well as the grandkids. This is why toys for the bath tub have become a must have with many parents and grandparents like me. The good news is that bath toys don’t have to be expensive to get the job done all you need are toys that the kids love to play with and they will happily get into the tub. You can also go with educational bath toys if you feel guilty about bribing kids with toys to get them in the tub.

One of my favorite types of bath toys are bath spout toys. These are excellent for getting kids to wash their hair, in particular, the kind with a waterfall spout. They also provide safety features as well, since they snuggly fit over the faucet to keep the little ones from getting burned or hitting their head. The Boon Flo Water Deflector Protective Faucet Cover is the favorite at my house. We paid $15 for it and it works like a charm.

Sassy bath toys are a popular brand of toddler bath tub toys and with good reason, they’re fun and cheap. We have several sassy bath toys that are favorites with the kids. The ones they play with the most are the Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float toys, obviously, because they squirt and kids love to squirt one another or squirt just to be squirting. Sassy Soft Swimmers Animal Characters are a favorite with the youngest, mostly due to the bright color and texture of the toys.

If you’re interested in educational bath toys the Sassy Carwash Bath Toy provides plenty of imaginative play activities to make bath time fun and educational. It is a bit higher priced at $18, whereas, the two mentioned are both under $10. A cheaper educational bath toy experience can be had with the Spell and Count Bath Appliques for under $6. This one makes teaching toddlers their abc’s and numbers a breeze since they don’t even suspect that they’re learning. One last must have is a way for the kids can learn to put their own toys up and this is done with easy to use bath toy holders or bath toy bags, so that you don’t have a mess to clean up.

There are new toddler bath tub toys coming on the market all the time to keep kids entertained in the tub. To find the best selling and most popular ones just check reviews and ratings on Amazon.