Tomatoes with chicken breast and The whole-wheat pancakes recipes

Hello Everyone!

I like sports and i try to cook healthy foods. I love chicken breast and vegetables but these foods are sometimes a little boring and this is why i try to make many different ways.

My one of my favorite the Tomatoes with chicken breast.

Ingredients two people:
350g chicken breast
150g cottage cheese
120g rice
four bigger tomatoes
one onion
basil and salt

1,You risk up the chicken breast, cut the onion into the small pieces and fry the onion and the chicken breast. Spice as you like. Meanwhile you cook the rice and they completed, you mix them.

2,Cut off the tomatoes tops and pluck it out their inside. The cut-off parts cut into small pieces.

3,You mix the cottage cheese and the inside of the tomatoes and the rice-chicken mass. Put the mass int he tomatoes and done. The the rest will be good garnish.

And this is one of my favorite sweets, The whole-wheat pancakes:

Ingredients about 8 pancakes:
4 dl water
three eggs
150 g whole wheat flour ( Graham flour)
1 ts honey (4 dkg)
10 g molten coconut butter/oil
a little salt

1, We mix the water,whole wheat flour and molten coconut butter/oil

2, In another bowl, beat up the eggs with the salt

3, Mix the contents of both bowls

4, Heat a frying pan and put a little coconut butter/oil in the pan

5, Pour a ladle of dough into the pan, you can fast rotary motion to evenly surprise the bottom of the pan.

6, Once you have one side (approx. 40 seconds) reverse the pancakes, and more about. Bake for 30 seconds.

And that is, my favorite stuffing the chocolate,and cottage cheese. I now that the stuffing is not too healthy but i like it.