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Get a Whiter Smile Using the Right Teeth Whitening Products

Nobody wants to have a stained or discolored smile. We all wish our smiles were brighter.We all wish our teeth were whiter. Noone ever said it was your fate to have those discolored smiles. Now there are dozens of different teeth whitening products you can use to reverse the damage that has been done to your teeth. It is now possible to reverse stains and to lighten discoloration with whitening toothpastes, gels, strips and even cosmetic dentistry. So how do you know which teeth whitening products are best for you? See the information below of a few of the most effective products available on the market right now.

Aquafresh White Trays are in the top ten teeth whitening products list on ConsumerSearch.com. The idea behind this product is that you simply insert the tray into your mouth and bite down on the preloaded trays. You are to keep this tray in place for up to 45 minutes. Thankfully you only have to do this once a day! Be prepared to feel like a drooling hound dog though it does get messy. Some users have also reported that the solution hurt their gums and that the trays scraped at their mouths. If you have a smaller mouth you might have an easier time using one of the popular ‘whitening strip’ products that are out there.

Sonicare Tooth WhiteningOne treatment known as the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush is continuing to grow in popularity. These toothbrushes are a new addition to the market causing them to become populare quickly. You won’t find these in the dollar store, they are quite expensive at nearly a hundred bucks a piece. This particular product doesn’t work by ‘bleaching’ or using chemicals to whiten your teeth. It works by removing the stains that have set in by giving you a vigorous brushing. Most people recognize the sonicare brand as the best toothbrush around. This toothbrush helps get you the extra time you need when brushing visible teeth. A few weeks from now you will see a visible difference in the overall color of your teeth.

A popular option is BriteSmile To Go Whitening Pens. Teeth whitening pens have become very popular in just the last couple of years. Pens are easy to use for spot treating, and therefore more and more people are choosing them for whitening. Pens take longer to work than trays or strips, which is a common complaint. Most users recommend having your teeth whitened professionally at least once and then using the pens as a spot treatment to keep your teeth bright and shiny in the weeks that follow the treatment.

There are all types of well liked teeth whitening items to choose. Ask your dentist to recommend the best method for you. If you have issues with cavities, you probably want your dentist to do a whitening. However, if you have a healthy smile, you should be able to use any tooth whitening product available.


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