Top 10 Best PC Tablets 2013 – What to Look For in a Tablet

Why do you need to buy a tablet?

Without any doubt, tablets are taking the understanding of a computer to another dimension. Tablets are the latest craze, easy to carry around, very light and give you internet on the go. A tablet also has the capability to send emails and take pictures and record videos at 1080p. The purpose for tablets meant to be portable and their small dimensions help to be carried around in bags. Their capability of moving around with a tablet having a touchscreen display is taking the world by storm.

Tablets are literally created for everyone. Whether being a student or a business executive, tablets have something for everyone. Their responsive screens are very rapid in executing your commands. You can play games, create documents, take pictures, hear music, view a movie, take notes and even communicate via video chats with anyone on the planet. Some tablets have two cameras, one on each side. The front camera usually is used for video chatting, while the other camera, at the rear, usually with a higher resolution is used to capture images.

What to Look For in a Tablet

Before making the decision to buy a tablet, make sure you consider what to use it for. It is very impossible to decide on a tablet that has everything with the specifications you wish. Sometimes you have to compromise and choose the best for you. Some tablets are geared for entertainment features, having high screen resolution, great graphics and other multitasking capabilities.

The features of a tablet are very important to make your right decisions. First of all you have to choose which platform you prefer. There are tablets that use iOS, mainly Apple iPads 2,3 and 4 and iPad Mini, a smaller version of iPad. There are tablets that are on an Android platform and recently Microsoft has entered the tablet world by introducing Windows 8 tablets. The latter, although lacking apps in their newly created app store, have the capability of using a tablet with a full Windows 8. Some tablets lack a GPS, so if you need your tablet to use it for navigational purposes, check out tablet specifications. Other tablets have a digital pen and while having a digitizer screen, they have the capability to sketch and draw. Normally, Android tablets are operated using 1 or 2 GB of ram and use Tegra processors while Windows 8 tablets use Atom processors or Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processors.

Hardware is also important to notice. While some tablets are standalone, others come in a clamshell design, having a keyboard dock which attached to the tablet resembling an ultrabook. Other tablets looks like an ultrabook but eventually can be converted into a tablet either by revolving 180 degrees or flipping.

One thing is important. Before purchasing make sure to compare tablet specifications and view customer reviews. These tips will help you in making the right decisions in getting a tablet.