Top 10 Body Positions Can Improve Your Performance

You control your body but your body can also control you. Simple gestures, simple postures — each can make a dramatic impact on how you think, feel and act.These 11 Body positions can improve your performance..

Top 10 Body Positions :

Crossing Your Arms

This Position will make you perform better on solvable problems.

Tensing Your Muscles

This position will help you stay more focused when you hear negative information.

Lying Down

It will help you to be more creative.

Standing Like Superman

It helps people to gain confidence.


You’ will feel less stress even if nothing else about the situation changes and when you will smile other people feel less stress too.

Bow Slightly

Bow Slightly to Put Yourself at Ease

Mimic Others

This body position will help you to understand other people’s emotions.

Take an Angle

Take this body position to Reduce Conflict.

Talk With Your Hands

Using your hands when you speak will help you feel more confident, think more clearly, more naturally punctuate certain words and phrases, and fall into a much better rhythm.

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