Top 10 Cool Gadget Gifts for Men

Men need interesting Christmas gifts sometimes in order for them to stay entertained over the holiday season. If the man in your life enjoys electronic gadgets, it may be rather difficult to shop for him, considering that there are many gadgets to choose from, and a limited time until Christmas comes.

Luckily, there is an easy way to find the perfect tech gift ideas for men. Just keep reading this guide, and we will show you the top 10 cool gadget gifts for men.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD 7The Kindle Fire HD is one of the best electronic gadgets on the market. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and there is the capability to connect to the Internet and download apps at any time, so if men need to have time to play their favorite games, check Facebook, or even surf the Internet in the middle of the day, he definitely call.

There are numerous different resources that can be accessed on the Kindle, so he is certain to enjoy it for quite a long time making this one of the best cool electronic gifts for men. Click here to know more about the Kindle Fire HD.

Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Apple iPod touch 32 GB Black (4th Generation)Now, if your man enjoys listening to music, then a better gift option for him may be the 32GB iPod touch.

Not only can he store his favorite music and videos on it, but he can also get a plethora of games and apps, and he can take pictures and videos with this device as well.

So no matter where he is, he can be certain that he will have a fun time and have his favorite entertainment at the tip of his fingers. Read more reviews here to know more about its features.

Canon EOS Rebel E3i

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS LensPhotography is a fun activity that men and women alike enjoy. If the man in your life likes taking pictures for business, for fun, or even just because he wants to remember important events in life, then he will need a good digital camera in order to make quality pictures and videos that will not be grainy or distorted in any way.

For this reason, the Canon EOS Rebel E3i is one of the best choices of DSLR cameras. Not only can it make pictures and videos in HD, but there are also numerous picture effects that can be used to spruce up the pictures even more, this is definitely the best electronic gift for men. Click here to know more features.

Star Wars Light Saber

Star Wars Lightsaber SFX TorchMen who like Star Wars usually like role playing the characters and events from this movie, which includes dressing up like some of the characters. If this sounds like a man that you know, then it may be that a Star Wars light saber will greatly appeal to him.

He can use it for fun as a Halloween toy, or he can just use it whenever he feels like being Darth Vader or any of the Jedi characters. Click here to read more about this.

Digital Pen Voice Recorder

Executive Style Gold Digital Voice and Audio Spy Recorder Pen with Voice Activated Recording Mode by SpygearGadgetsNow, if a man needs to study for a test, or even if he simply wants to remind himself of important events, dates, and various other things, he should get a recording device that will store all this information for him.

For this reason, a digital pen voice recorder may be one of the best options on the market. It can attach to the computer with a USB cable as well, so anything that is vitally important that he doesn’t want to lose, he can easily transfer to the computer and back it up.

Its portable, easy operation, and works like a real pen. Want to know more about this gadget? Click here to read more features.

Compass Telescope for iPhone 4

Compass telescope wide-angle fisheye microscope iphone4/4S mobile phone shell blackAnother great gadget for any man who likes taking pictures and experimenting with different settings is the Compass Telescope for the iPhone 4.

It has three different lenses on it, and it also adjusts to numerous different settings, which gives quality pictures to anyone who takes a picture with it.

To know more about this smart add on gadget for your iPhone, click here for more reviews.

Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game

Lightning Reaction Electric Shock GameSometimes, men feel the need to play stupid games, just for the sake of defeating boredom, or seeing what will happen. If this is the case with any man that you know, then the Lightning Reaction Electric Shock game is the perfect choice for him.

There are 4 triggers on the game, so up to 4 people can play it at a time. Once the lights stop going and the sound stops playing, you have to be fast at pressing your trigger. The last person to press the trigger will get a bit of a surprise in the form of a shock. Check out more top rated reviews here.

Mini Stealth TV Remote

Mini Stealth TV Television Remote (color may vary, white/black)If the man in your life likes to pull pranks on other people, one of the best gadgets for him is the Mini Stealth TV remote, because he can have endless fun with people who are in the same room as him.

This remote is compatible with over 500 brands of TVs, so all he has to do is point the remote at the TV and control the volume settings, mute it, or even shut it off. Although this will annoy people, it is certain to bring him much delight for quite a long time. Read more reviews by clicking here.

Garmin Forerunner Sports Watch

Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Red)Do you know an athletic man who is conscious about his health? If the answer to that question is yes, then a Garmin Forerunner Sports watch may be a good option for him.

It will keep track of his heart rate and pulse, so he doesn’t have to worry about trying to monitor them independently.

This is a great way for him to track whether or not he is getting an adequate workout, or if he is basically just breezing, this is probably one of the best cool tech gifts for men. Click here to check out more reviews here.


Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duro Performance Fit Sport Earphones with Cloth Cords, Red/Black - 10100Now, if the man in your life likes music, not only does he need a quality MP3 player, but he also will need a good set of earbuds. He can either choose to use them while exercising, or just in general while listening to music.

Yurbuds are some of the best headphones on the market right now. They are designed to never fall out of your ears, and they will never hurt you if you accidentally pull them out.

Also, they are designed for ultimate comfort, so even if you are putting them into your ears for the first time, they won’t hurt. These are great for athletic people, or just for people who want them for everyday use. Read more top rated reviews here.

If you are struggling to come up with tech gift ideas for the wonderful man in your life, these are some of the best options that you can choose from that are sure to delight him this Christmas and for many years to come.