Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Body

Oh man how many of these top 10 exercise articles can there possibly be on the internet? Well the truth is probably millions. The other truth is that even though most of you already know what you need to do to lose weight and tone up you still require reading something just to try to motivate yourself. Just to give yourself the A okay to start again. So please take the time to go over this article and consider trying some of these tips to get you to where you want to be.

Everyone wants to tone their body at some point in time. Especially if you are like me and work 2 jobs and possibly middle age and maybe have a family as well. Oh and don’t forget your friends. So as you can see it can be very difficult finding time to exercise if you put all of the other things in your life first. You should make time to exercise no matter what, you will find that you have more energy and drive to work your 2 jobs and spend time with family and friends and possibly spend time at your hobby whatever that might be. I decided I needed to share 10 exercises I think are great muscle toning exercises and are a must in any persons exercise arsenal. So let’s get started. These exercises are in no specific order. They are all beneficial and if you can work all of them in your exercise routine you will benefit that much more.

Top 10 Toning Tips

1) Walking is a great exercise and can be performed by anyone able to walk. It is a low impact exercise that tones your lower body and burns fat.

2) Push ups are great for toning your chest arms and even stabilizing muscles in your back. You can do this one anywhere anytime.

3) Planks are a must for strengthening your core and are probably the easiest core exercise you can perform.

4) Chin ups are tough to do if you have quite a bit extra weight but if you can do them even if it is just 2 at a time they are great for strengthening your back arms and shoulders and will burn a lot of calories.

5) Lunges are one of my favourites for toning legs and the buttocks. I recommend performing walking lunges if you have the room. Walking lunges really seem to tone the butt area. You can also hold dumbbells while performing this exercise.

6) Squats are a great leg and body exercise. You not only work your legs and butt with this exercise but your whole body kicks in to help you. Your core and torso work hard as well. You can do squats with no weight or holding dumbbells at your side or you can try squats using a barbell.

7) Heavy bag workout – A heavy bag workout will help with your cardio and will tone your arms and upper body. Your core even gets a workout while hitting the heavy bag. This is a great exercise to include in your workout.

8) Dumbbell shoulder presses are great for toning your shoulders without your rotator cuffs. Just don’t use excessive weight. Standing while performing this exercise will help to tone and strengthen your core.

9) Walking stairs is another great exercise for burning calories and toning your whole lower body including your butt.

10) Deadlifts are for people who are familiar with lifting weights. They are an overall body toning exercise. You can use dumbbells or a barbell when performing this exercise. You will also get your heart rate up which will benefit your cardio and you will burn quite a few calories with this exercise.

To Wrap Up

All of these 10 toning exercises are beneficial to use in your workout program. I would spread them out over 2 or 3 workouts so you don’t over train yourself. Enjoy