Top 10 Fun Unique Cooking Gadgets for Christmas Gifts

Kitchen cooks need great Christmas gifts just like the rest of the family members do. If you are trying to shop for the ideal Christmas gift this year for the chef in your family or your group of friends, then there are a few different unique gift ideas for fun kitchen equipment.

In this guide, we will review the top 10 unique cooking gadgets to buy on Amazon that make some enjoyable, fun and useful gifts this holidays, as well as an item that the gift recipient will appreciate for years to come. These also could make fun Hostess gifts.

Many of these are very affordable gifts under $20 and ideal for kids to buy for the parents who have everything!

oms Cooking Branding Iron Grill Accessories

Mom’s Cooking Branding Iron

If your wife likes to get credit for her cooking and boast about how wonderful it is, you can get her a Christmas gift that allows her to place her own signature or mark on her next piece of work. The Mom’s Cooking Branding Iron allows her to do this.

She can put her own signature on pancakes, meat, pies, and various other foods that she makes, so that no matter where she goes, she is sure to get credit for the work she does.

KitchenArt Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

KitchenArt Pro Auto-Measure Spice Carousel, Stainless Steel Satin

The KitchenArt Auto-Measure Spice Carousel is a great gift choice for almost any chef in your family or amongst your friends. There are 12 different compartments for spices, and there is also a dial on each spot so that the cook can get the perfect measurement every time.

Plus, there are also openings on top for shaking the spice in if the cook prefers that as well.

KitchenArt 80310 Dual Ended Salt and Pepper Grinder, SatinKitchenArt Dual Ended Salt and Pepper Grinders

No more passing the salt and pepper separately! For those who like an attractice table but with very little cupboard space this may do!

The KitchenArt Dual Ended Salt and Pepper Grinders have an attractive clear finish and have bothe the salt and pepper on one unit, one at each end. This may be a good choice as a Christmas gift this year.

MLB Game-Played Baseball Bat Bottle OpenerBaseball Bat Bottle Opener

Speaking of sports lovers, there is another unique cooking gadget that is sure to delight any major sports fans in your family this Christmas. A baseball bat bottle opener is a great choice for anyone who is serious about both sports and cooking.

The opener even comes in a deluxe gift box, which is sure to make the recipient of the gift feel even more important than they normally do when receiving a present. These bottle openers are available with the names of different sports teams, so it is just a matter of selecting the team that is most favored by the person you are buying it for.

Pizzacraft PC0304 Grilled Pizza Cones

Pizza Cone Kit

Of course, there is always that one person in your life who likes weird, quirky gifts for Christmas. If this sounds like someone that you know, then you should consider getting them a pizza cone kit this year.

The cook bakes his or her pizza right there in the cone. It is designed to look like an ice cream cone, but really, there is no ice cream involved. Standard pizza ingredients and dough go into this project, and this is one project that is certain to be enjoyed by most people who receive it as a gift.

Dolphin Shaped Cup With StrawDolphin Shaped Cup with Straw

If someone in your family likes to throw pool parties, or if they always have kids around, then one great option for such a person might be this set of dolphin-shaped cups with straws. They look cute, and they are sure to be a big hit at the next party that comes up.

Children will love these cups, so if the recipient is someone who likes children or always has kids around them, these are the perfect choice.

itchenAid Cook's Series Set of 4 Prep BowlsKitchenAid Set of 4 Prep Bowls

The KitchenAid set of 4 prep bowls is the best choice for a cook who consistently makes complicated meals and various other types of cuisine. There are 4 bowls that come in various sizes, depending on what sort of item needs to be stored, and how many of each item needs to be set aside as well.

Whether the chef is trying to prepare food, set parts of the prepped food aside, or even store it and save it for later, these bowls will all come in great handy.

Catskill Craftsmen Guitar Shaped Cutting BoardGuitar-Shaped Cutting Board

Do you know someone who likes to cook and also likes to play the guitar? If so, then one of the best options is to give that person the best of both worlds this Christmas. How can you do that? The answer is quite simple. Just purchase a guitar-shaped cutting board.

It still works just like a standard cutting board, but it gives a unique sort of flair to whatever kitchen it is placed in. If the chef really wants to get creative with it, he or she can roll out dough in the shape of the board and create some sort of guitar-shaped cuisine and then share it with others.

GMMC-68 Microwavable S'Mores MakerS’Mores Maker

How many people have ever heard of a s’mores maker? Generally, S’mores are made over a campfire or in the microwave. But now, there is a S’Mores maker that you can give to someone as a Christmas gift this year. This maker is actually safe enough to place in the microwave, which is how it creates the s’mores in the first place.

Plus, everything in the maker will heat evenly, so the cook doesn’t have to worry about having partially cold s’mores. All that is required is that he or she puts all the ingredients into the maker, and then puts it into the microwave from there. S’mores will come out perfectly every time.

Collapsible Compact ChopsticksCollapsible Chopsticks

Collapsible Chopsticks are another great option for anyone who frequently cooks Chinese cuisine, or anyone who likes to eat it while on the go. If you buy these for a chef, he or she won’t have to worry about buying their own chopsticks anymore.

These are collapsible, so they can be reused and easily folded into a purse or a bag and be carried along with them, so all their favorite cuisine can still be enjoyed without an extra hassle.

If you are trying to find unique cooking gadgets as Christmas gifts from Amazon this year, then these are some of the best options that you can choose form that are certain to be well-received by anyone you purchase them for.