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Top 10 Must-Have Baby Products

Motherhood is the most amazing part of being a woman. Giving birth to a very lovely baby boy or girl makes a woman complete. It brings forth joy to the whole family and change every couple’s lives forever. It is every woman’s dream to have a baby and once this wish is granted, it is just right to make the best of it.
The role of being a parent is never easy. However, all the hardships along the way, those sleepless nights and working so hard for your baby will always be worth it. When you see your baby healthy, strong and happy, then you would also feel happy and contented yourself.
New parents need to buy important things for their baby. It would be best to buy the things you need earlier. Below is a checklist of the items your baby would need. It’s always best to be prepared before the baby is born as surely you would be so busy already attending to your baby’s needs after.

Of course, diapers are must haves when you have a baby. We are so lucky that nowadays we already have ready-made diapers in the market that we can buy. Disposable diapers make it easier for us too to change it. There are many kinds and brands in the market that you can buy for your baby. It is always best to buy a diaper that would protect your baby’s skin. Some diapers maybe too harsh for your precious one’s skin type.

 2.) Baby Bottle Feeding Set
This is one of the most important products that parents should have. Many mothers don’t have enough milk supply that there is a need for their babies to be fed using milk feeding bottles. There are other women also who have enough milk but their work and lifestyle make it hard for them to breastfeed. In cases like this, babies end up hungry and crying most of the time because they are not being fed properly. Some babies are also even more comfortable drinking milk in the bottle. It is important to buy a feeding bottle that has a good quality. High quality feeding bottles are carefully tested and manufactured to give you the best product for your baby.
3.) Baby Bath Tub
A baby bath tub is a must for babies. Babies need to take a bath everyday in order to stay clean all the time and to avoid getting rashes and other illness caused by poor hygiene.. This will also make your baby feel so relaxed everyday. Nothing can beat a daily morning bath that will keep your baby fresh all day. When choosing a shampoo for your little angel, it is necessary to use the mildest shampoo in order to protect her delicate skin.

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4.) Baby Bottle Warmers
After mixing milk, it is necessary to warm it first before feeding your baby. This may become a problem if your baby is already hungry and is crying out loud already. You can’t also prepare the milk earlier because it is important that she will have a freshly prepared milk in order to avoid for it being spoiled. This is why a bottle warmer is very important.

5.) Gentle Baby Soap
Your baby’s skin is still very sensitive. It is necessary to use a soap that will protect your baby’s skin and maintain the ph level of his or her skin. There are some soaps that would irritate your baby’s skin and she may get rashes and allergies. There are some specially made soap for babies that you can buy online or at your favorite grocery or department store.

6.) Baby Wipes
Baby wipes are disposable little wet towels that are very useful in cleaning a baby’s skin. They can be used in wiping a baby’s dirty hands, face, mouth, and other parts of the body. It is very useful most especially when changing the diaper. You need to wipe the baby’s bottom in order to make sure that she is wearing clean diapers and to remove any dirt that may have been left on it. Baby wipes make it easier for parents to clean their baby and it also saves time.
Baby wipes come in either scented or unscented types. Babies with sensitive skin should better use the unscented wipes. However, the others can use the scented ones so it will help minimize the unpleasant odor that may arise when changing diapers. There are many baby wipes being sold available online. It is always best to choose good quality baby wipes in order to ensure the protection of your baby.

7.) Baby Formula
Breast milk is best for babies as it provides complete nutrition for your baby. Many people say that it strengthens the bond between the baby and the mother. It contains different antibodies that will protect your baby from different illnesses that a new born baby my catch like colds, ear infections, urinary infections and tummy bugs (gastroenteritis).
However, not all the time that a mother can breastfeed her baby. There are some cases where it is not possible. These maybe due to different factors like medical considerations, the mother’s lifestyle, or she may not be producing enough milk to be able to breast feed.

For mothers who can’t breastfeed her baby, an infant formula is the best alternative. When choosing one, you must make sure that you are buying one that contains the necessary nutrients your growing baby needs. Don’t ever suffer quality with cost. You may choose a little more expensive infant formula but take note that this is necessary for your baby to grow strong and healthy.
8.) Baby Strollers
Baby strollers are very useful for parents who have a baby. There are times that you would like to take a stroll to the park, you need to go shopping or do your groceries, you need to attend a party and many more. It would be so tiring if you would carry your baby all the time, not only for you but also for your husband. In this case, baby strollers would be very useful.

Your baby also needs to get a little sunshine in the morning in order to be healthy. The morning sunshine gives your baby vitamin D. This vitamin helps your baby absorb enough calcium. Calcium is needed in order to have a healthy development of strong teeth and bones as well as prevent some health problems like rickets. A daily stroll in the morning with your baby will give her just enough sunlight to supply her body enough vitamin D.
9.) Baby Bouncer
A baby bouncer is a very useful baby product most especially if your baby loves to be carried almost all the time. Some babies just cry so loud when you just let him or her lay in bed. A bouncer would make your baby think that its you who is carrying him. Swinging the bouncer from time to time will also give him a feeling that its you swinging him in your arms.

10.) Baby Crib
Last but not the least is a baby crib. It is necessary to buy a crib for your baby for your baby’s safety. There might be times that you have to answer the phone, go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water and do other stuff where you need to leave your baby for a short time. Placing your baby on a crib instead of the bed will prevent her from falling. She might wake up and you are not there yet. Some babies move around the bed a lot and they might fall from the bed. When she is on a crib, there would be protective railings to protect her even if she would move around.

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This list is a suggestion or reminder for you in case you might forget and would like to brainstorm what baby products you need to buy before the delivery date. I hope the above descriptions have given you some ideas and tips in purchasing your baby product needs. You can also take a look at the amazon products listed above for more ideas.
Congratulations for the new baby and here’s wishing your baby good health all the time.

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