Top 10 reasons I like Autumn

Autumn or as some call it Fall, is mine and millions of others favourite season of the year. Maybe it is because I was born in Sept I am not quite sure but I have always had a fond attraction to the Autumn season.
1) Crops are harvested
In late august and the fall farmers and gardeners all over North America harvest their crops. Home gardeners start enjoying the fruit of their labours. If you are not a gardener but know a few then you are also probably enjoying the fruit of their labour. The fall is a great time because people are trying to give away all the extra fruits and vegetables they have grown.

2) Kids go back to school
Ah yes if you have children you know how nice this can be. Getting the kids back in a routine and out of your hair for a half or whole day so you can work or get some things done around the house. It’s not just about you though, getting children in a routine helps them grow mentally and physically. I like Autumn because everyone is so busy going back to classes and getting back into a routine. Kids enjoy the fall as well because summer starts to get long and boring after a while.
3) Thanksgiving *2
Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in North America enjoyed by millions of people. It doesn’t matter who you are where you live or how much money you have you can take the day to give thanks for all that you do have. Plus if you are an American there is the Macy’s Day Parade to watch and then NFL games for the rest of the day. If you are not an NFL fan there are some great classic movies to enjoy or better yet you can take the kids and go enjoy the outdoors enjoying your favourite fun things to do.
4) Cooler weather
If you are like me you enjoy the hot summer weather but after a while it is nice to be treated with some cooler fall temperatures. Usually the days are warm and then the nights cool off quite a bit which makes it more comfortable for sleeping.
5) Less bugs
Well what can I say about this one. Less bugs means less annoying pests flying around you or crawling on you or in your home. With less bugs you can take advantage of being outdoors a lot longer than mid-summer when the bugs are in full swing.
6) Nfl season
Yes finally the long 7 month wait from the end of one NFL season to the next is over. If you haven’t been to an NFL game then you better make plans to attend one as there is no sporting event that compares. Make sure to get to the game 2 or 3 hours before it starts so you can take advantage of the tail gate parties in the stadium parking lot.
7) Halloween
BOO! Gotcha. Halloween has evolved over the years into a huge evening of trick or treating, Halloween themed parties and scary movie watching for all ages. Halloween Household decorations and Halloween costumes are just as big a deal now as setting up a Christmas tree and hanging Christmas lights on your home. What are you doing this October 31st?
8) Darker longer in the mornings
Now that autumn has arrived and the northern hemisphere of Earth is starting to tilt slightly away from the Sun the amount of daylight we get is slowly shrinking making our nights feel like they are endless. If you like to sleep then this is a wonderful season as the Sun will not be shining in your window so early in the morning that it wakes you from your deep sleep.
9) New season of TV shows
When the fall begins so does a new season of your favourite television shows and brand new shows hoping to become the next best sitcom, drama, variety or other. HBO always comes out with some very high quality series whether they are brand new or a continuation from last fall’s season.
10) Great time to re-evaluate your goals
With a new season come new journeys and opportunities. Getting back into a structured schedule in the fall after a long summers vacation is the perfect time have a look at any personal goals you may have whether they are short term or long term. Re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be. The beginning of each season would be a good time to re-evaluate goals. It is much easier to track progress when your goals are being monitored so you can make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Those are my 10 favourite things about the Fall season. What are your favourite things about the Fall or do you even like Autumn? Some people do not like the Fall because winter follows. I should mention I do like 1 more thing about the Fall season and that is the colours of the tree leaves. In areas where there are large Maple trees the colours are incredible.