News Top 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep

Top 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep


Hate having bad nights and sick of having lack of sleep. These strategies may be able to help you to change your bad sleeping habits.

1 Change Your Bedroom Environment

Your bedroom should be a haven for sleep. This means your room should be dark enough and quiet. It is important your room is dark because darkness promotes the pineal gland to produce melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Make your room dark by getting heavy curtains for your window, this can also help drown out loud noises. Cooler temperatures also help you fall asleep so consider opening a window, using a fan or set your air conditioner accordingly. If you find your room is dry or humid then try using an air humidifier.

2 Have a Night Time Routine

Having a routine can be effective in letting your body know when it is about to sleep. Try reading a book or meditating 10 minutes before you sleep. Make sure you go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

3 Reserve Your Bed For Sleeping

Avoid doing work, reading, using your laptop or watching television in the bed. Try to associate your bed with only sleep because that way you will be more likely to fall asleep.

4 Watch What You Eat

Going to bed too full or hungry can affect your sleep. Eat your dinner at an appropriate time, not too close to bedtime or the digestion process might keep you awake. If you are hungry before you sleep have a small snack rich in carbohydrates, try a cracker or some cereal.

5 Avoid Caffeine

Even if you don’t have caffeine at night, caffeine during the day can contribute to a restless sleep. Limit yourself to no more than two cups of coffee, tea or cola per and don’t drink less than six hours before bed.

6 Start Doing More Exercise

Basically if you are physically tired at the end of the day you will sleep better. Try doing regular exercise and do so at least three hours before you go to bed.

7 Have a Bath

By having a nice warm bath an hour or two before bed, your body temperature will slowly drop after you get out of the tub. This makes you feel tired. Don’t have a bath right before bed as it may actually stimulate you to stay awake.

8 Try Natural Herbs and Remedies

Chamomile, valerian, kava, passionflower, skullcap, catnip and hops are good to help stimulate sleep. These herbs can usually be taken as tea. Research some recipes.

9 Relax Your Mind

If you find you can’t sleep after 30 minutes try doing something relaxing such as listening to music or reading a magazine. If you still can’t sleep try drinking a glass of warm milk.

10 Choose The Right Bed

If a bed is too soft it can cause poor sleep posture. This can lead to muscle stiffness and back problems. Replace your mattress every 10 years and buy one that is as firm as you can tolerate but still comfortable enough for you to sleep on.

Top 10 Ways to Get Better Sleep
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