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Top 10 Ways to Know That You Are Truly in Love With Your Partner


Love is an effable feeling that finds a natural way into our heart. Love is without reason and without experction. Love is submissive and serene much like water, but can also eliminate the strongest hazards from its way.

Keep in mind these 10 loving things, it will help your love grow!

10. Love doesn’t say, ‘Me first’

9. Love will make you feel for him/her and make you believe in him.

8. You will never ‘keep score’ of bad things which at times may take place. A hug and a kiss, and you forget all quarrels and tribunals.

7. The love will always prevent you to say anything bad about him/her.

6. You never conceit

5. Do naughty and annoying things that will tease your partner

4. Always look out to help him/her, even in the most inconvenient and complicated situations.

3. If he/she gets hurt you will feel the pain

2. Give him/her the freedom to do what he or she wishes to do. You will never interfere or think about yourself, if he/she does anything which they love to do, let it be done. (even if you dislike)

1. You will never Quit or say Goodbye.

Love is meant to free you from all worries. When you are in love, it’s always ‘the present moment’ with no judgment or worries.

And love should have wings to fly,

Never forfeit it. Let it fly away from you, if you have followed these 10 steps from heart, don’t worry.

It will eventually come back to you in time, because how many will care to love him/her like you have loved!

Its natural that someone may make a mistake, but you should never make a blunder by ‘not pardoning that mistake’ Sometimes God wants to make you dive a bit deeper, just to see whether you will be happy with shallowness or you really are looking for the ‘heart of the ocean’

Remember the greatest test that love has to withstand is “the test of time

Top 10 Ways to Know That You Are Truly in Love With Your Partner
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