News Top 10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth

Top 10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth


Having a photo booth at your Brisbane party is a great way to perk up the joy! Here is a list with the top 5 ideas for grand themes.

Top 10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth

1. Life of the Party – Let every guest at the party shine in the photo booth. They’ll love looking back and remembering they were the life of the party with a memorable candid photo. Set up a quick print station with photo paper and make colour prints available to all the guests near the exit. They’ll love it!

2. Love Birds Nest – Treat the couples at a fabulous love fest with a photograph of just the two of them. ‘Tweet’ them to dark chocolates and let them feed each other for the camera. Have large feathers on-hand for the couple to hide behind… or feign hiding behind.

3. It’s My Last Night – Celebrating a special birthday like a grand 50th or ring in the New Year. Make a twisted event out of it by throwing a Last Night themed party. Have guests dress as living dead zombies or something colourful. Take the snapshots in your cemetery photo booth for an eternal commemoration.

Top 10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth

4. Fundraising Fun – Want to host a charity event or organize a community affair? Offering several fun perks will go a long way to making any event successful and profitable.

5. Kids Party – For new baby parties or children’s birthday’s parties, a photo booth will keep the fun eternal. Set up a line with clothespins to hang printed photos on so guests may take them as they leave.

Use your imagination to alter these suggestions so guests may flow seamlessly to each activity. Build a natural pause in the course of your party, so guests have time to liven up the photo booth with their sensational sessions. If you have a really competitive crowd, offer a prize to the funniest pose. You can treat guests with a mini book featuring everyone’s best pose or a simple print of their own mug shots.

Finally, here’s a list of items, if in hand, can make the most of a photo booth for any occasion. Props add character, excitement and depth to the photo booth experience. Fun items help draw crowds into the booth and allow them to feel free to express their playful character openly. Some items to try might include toys, hats, glasses, silly costumes, wigs, and balloons. When they start dressing up or playing with the props, they start having fun, relax, and warm up smiles for the camera. Props are an easy and inexpensive way to play on any theme whether the occasion is formal or a simple marathon, fund-raiser or cook off.

Top 10 Ways to Use a Photo BoothLooking for a professional company to help put everything in order for a mightily magical touch at every party? iShoot Photobooth is a fully professional company designed to help establish any needs for every occasion. The staff will work diligently to prepare in advance specifically to suit the sizing needs and other accommodations necessary for a perfect event. Whether the crowd will be small, such as a dozen or hundreds, a professional team will ensure a smooth transition from crowds to couples, individuals, and small groups. Also, available with every photo booth rental is a complimentary box of clever props. Contact iShoot Photobooth today to reserve one for the next big event you plan on hosting!

Top 10 Ways to Use a Photo Booth
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