Top 2 Ways To Deal With Flies – Solution By Industry Expert

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Flies have been causing a nuisance to homeowners for decades, and have been linked to the spread of disease. They have a number of filthy habits which makes them prone to spreading bacteria and disease causing organisms.

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Top 2 Ways To Deal With Flies – Solution By Industry Expert, Seekyt

They breed quickly and in hot weather where breeding conditions are ideal they can have as many as 2 or 3 generations within a month. This means that in summer, their populations can be extremely high, and as such they can be highly problematic.

Therefore, knowing about fly control services, and what you can do as a home or business owner to help prevent fly activity being an issue, can be extremely comforting.

  • Prevention

It’s a fact that all of the poison and chemicals in the world won’t help if a few basic principles of cleanliness aren’t followed. Rotting rubbish and foodstuffs such as poultry or fish can make ideal feeding and breeding centres for flies, so taking out rubbish, cleaning bins, double-bagging particularly attractive foods and ensuring clean surroundings means that your home or premises aren’t nearly as appealing.

Furthermore, keeping bins tightly closed, away from buildings and preventing entry to buildings with fly screens will prevent them from being able to access those food sources.

Finally, it’s important to clean up after other animals. Animal waste is an extremely attractive prospect for a fly, so quick cleaning up of cat or dog faeces means nowhere to land.

  • Controlling Population

Removing the food and breeding source is only the first part of a two step fly removal programme. The second is to ensure that any remaining flies are removed as quickly as possible.

Many business owners, especially those with kitchens or food preparation areas, use bug zappers. Although these work very well, they are often fitted in the wrong places. Once the fly is in the premises, it may do damage before being zapped, so it’s a good idea to consider placing a trap or zapping unit well away from the property in an effort to attract the pest away from the property.

Baits are a further solution. Attracting the fly into a container from which it cannot escape with an attractive food laced with poison means that not only is the fly decimated, but that you have contained it and can safely and cleanly dispose of the body. Baits can be dangerous to other animals and harmless (even useful) insects such as bees, so their use is cautioned.

Sprays can also be extremely effective, especially if the threat isn’t large or particularly imposing. However, in using sprays, you must ensure that children and pets are removed from the area, that it is well aired, and that all resting and nesting places are also covered.

  • Commercial Properties

Although many of the products and techniques listed above may be perfectly useful and capable of working in a larger or commercial property, there are many products and methods which are designed specifically for use by businesses. These might include mists which will cover a far larger area than a normal spray.

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Top 2 Ways To Deal With Flies – Solution By Industry Expert, Seekyt
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