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Top 20 Summer Destinations in Cebu

These are the best places to go during summer.

Summer in Cebu can be blisteringly hot and would make anyone make a run for the nearest beach to dip their bodies into the cool water. And while going to the beach is one of the main things that you would do, there are some other things that you can do here for your summer activities. Below are the places in Cebu where you can spend your summer.

The Beaches

When you’re feeling the heat, the beach is the first place you should go. And Cebu has some of the finest beaches in the country.

Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island

Going to Bantayan is a chore as you need to ride a bus from the bus terminal in the city to Hagnaya port in the north of Cebu and finally, ride a boat to Bantayan Island get there. Sta. Fe is the side of Bantayan with white sand beaches as well as other tourist spots like the Ogtong cave.

Carnaza, Daanbantayan

Carnaza Island is one of the northernmost islands of Cebu, located even further than Malapascua Island. There are no ferry rides here so you need to ride a bangka to from Tapilon Port in Daanbantayan. However, once you reach the island, you’ll see that it’s totally worth all the effort you spent for. The island is very secluded so it’s like having it for yourselves. You can enjoy the beach in peace and quiet, without other people to disturb you.

Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is very near to Monad Shoal where thresher sharks live. Because of that, the island is synonymous to thresher sharks as there are many resorts here that offers a diving courses that includes seeing them up close. But aside from those creatures, Malapascua Island is just teeming with beauty right from its white beaches. And while you’re enjoying yourself along with everyone, you can take a great view of the sea as it stretches out into the horizon.

Reaching Malapascua Island requires you to ride a bus from the North Bus Terminal to Maya Port. From there, there’s a ferry ride to Malapascua Island.

Sumilon Island

From the north, we go to the south. Sumilon Island is located in the municipality of Oslob, a place where Whale Sharks are the main attraction. In the island, you are treated to pristine waters and great white sand barriers, along with a variety of aquatic wildlife.

There’s only one hotel resort in Sumilon, the Bluewater Island Resort. This particular resort makes good use of what the island has to offer, so you can be sure that booking here will truly be worth every penny.

Camotes Island

Dubbed as the “Lost Horizon in the South” the Camotes Group of Islands is a place that modernization still has to reach. That means most of the natural beauty still remain intact and are still waiting to be explored and enjoyed. The beaches here are just what you can see in every great beach in the country – white powdery sand paired with clear blue waters.

You can reach Camotes and its beaches via a ferry ride from the Danao Port to Consuelo Port.

Basdaku, Moalboal

To get to a white sand beach, you don’t need to get off the mainland. All you need to do is go to the South Bus Terminal, ride a bus for Moalboal and make sure to tell the conductor that you’re stopping on Basdaku. The place is a long stretch of white sand with the seas facing towards Negros Oriental.

Oslob, Cebu

Do you want a chance to swim alongside a whale shark? Well, in Oslob, you can do just that. Swimming alongside whale sharks or butanding and being able to feed them is one of the main attractions in this municipality. However, this particular activity has raised concerns from various enthusiasts of aquatic wildlife.


Before reaching Oslob, your bus will have to go through the municipality of Dalaguete. This place also has some very good beaches, like the Dalaguete Beach Park. Aside from being treated to a white sand beach and clear sea waters, the cottage rent here is also very affordable, making it a viable choice for backpackers.

Nalusuan Island

This “island” is artificially created over the Olango Reef Flat as is one of the Olango Island Group. In here, you are treated not only to a world class beach but to a world class resort as well. The best things to do here, aside from swimming, is snorkeling and diving. And while taking a break, you can eat some sumptuous seafood over the restaurants there.

The Hotels

If simply going into a beach won’t be enough, then how about getting pampered to the fullest while enjoying the beach at the same time. The hotel resorts in Cebu should be able to do just that.

Plantation Bay, Mactan

The Plantation Bay makes use of their man-made lagoons for their guests’ water activities like swimming. Some of the rooms that are built directly on the sides of these lagoons complement them even more as you can easily get into the water in seconds from your room if you want to. They offer other amenities and activities as well and their services are one of the best that you can find in Cebu.

Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa

The Shangri-La is undoubtedly THE luxury hotel resort in Cebu. It’s huge, has one of the best beachfronts and impeccable hospitality service to boot. Their food are wide in variety that you will have a hard time choosing what you need to eat. All in all, the Shangri-La is one of the best hotel resorts to stay in Cebu, provided that you have the budget for it.

Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island, Cebu

Movenpick is another stylish hotel resort found in Mactan Island. The resort has a special accommodation called the Ibiza which is intended for large number of groupings. Their beachfront is well maintained and paired with great services, this place is also a favorite of many tourists.

Crimson Resort and Spa

Getting here can be a chore as you need a taxi to specifically ride you to their doorstep here. However, this place makes up for it with great accommodations and services – and food too! Their three tiered infinity pool is something to be amazed at and their beachfront is great as well. Some of the villas are well positioned near the beachfront, giving you an unobstructed view of the sea. These rooms should be your first pick.

JPark Island Resort & Waterpark

Now here’s a hotel resort that can really quench your thirst this summer. JPark is a resort that also doubles as a waterpark because of the different themed pools and slides that they feature. They have the Amazon River, the Wave Rider, the Beach and the Island Pool, and Capt. Hooks Pool for the kids. As for the slides, they have the Tube, the Open Body Slide and the Space Bowl.

The Falls

If you’re really into dipping into some cool water, then what you need is a trek into the mountains and take a dip into these waterfalls.

Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan is perhaps the most famous waterfalls in Cebu, and for good reason. Located in Badian, this place might take some time to reach. From the South Bus terminal, you need to ride a bus to Badian and stop by Matutinao Church. From there, you need to walk 1.5 kilometers to reach the base of the waterfalls.

Don’t worry though – you’re effort will be well rewarded. The Kawasan falls can totally refresh your body in an instant with its very cool waters. It can be very deep though so you might want to use some rafts as you get to the falling waters. The second waterfall is located after another 15 minutes of trekking but is even more rewarding than the first one.

Tumalog Falls

This waterfall is located near the whale watching area of Oslob. From there, it’ll take you about 15 minutes via van or bike and after that, you need to walk for another 15 minutes to get to this place. This waterfall is a bit different from Kawasan in that the waters falling down are hit a couple of rocks before hitting the bottom, thus resulting in a rather beautiful display of cascading falls.

Inambakan Falls

Ginatilan is the municipality that sits right next to Oslob. In here, another great waterfall, the Inambakan Falls, is located. The place is not commercialized so you won’t find any establishments that could ruin the natural order of things there. This is what makes the Inambakan Falls so beautiful, because it is still unspoiled. Truly a hidden gem.

Mantayupan Falls

This waterfall is located in Barili, so you need to ride a bus here from South Bus Terminal. From Barili, you need to ride a motorcycle to this place, which takes about 15 minutes at most. The Mantayupan Falls is a two layered waterfall. Once you reach there, you can have a dip for your well-earned refreshment.

Montaneza Falls

While you can still take a dip in this waterfall, travelers mostly go here for the canyoning activities. So if you’re the adventurous type, here’s how you can get to Montaneza Falls. First, ride a bus to Bato-Barili from South Bus Terminal. From there, just hire a motor to this place.

More Destinations

Well, that’s it for our list. Did we miss anything? Do you have another great place to cool off this summer?

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