Top 2014 Samsung mobile price list which ruled the market

Samsung is such a company which will never step back when it comes to creating new. It takes risk and experiment with the new technology. The result is that it produces great phones which use the technology in a very useful manner. Like every year, Samsung has invented some great smart phones in the year of 2014. The top 2014 Samsung mobile price list tells us the best smart phones of the year along with their price list.

Some info about the model

• Samsung Galaxy S5-This phone was released in the former half of the year and bags the prize for the winner. The price of the phone is about 35k. It supports 4G technology so that you can access the fastest internet.

• Samsung Galaxy Note 4– It was released in the month of November of the last year. This phablet is a great invention from Samsung. Even if it is not the best, it is one of the best android devices. The price is very reasonable as well which ranges around 15k.

• Samsung Galaxy Note Edge– This is the best phablet which lets you always be ahead of the others. It has great compatibility for multi tasking purposes. The crisp design of the model is also a thumb up. It was also released in the second half of the year. The price is on the high end only which is the only disadvantage. It has been launched with a price of about 60k.

• Samsung Galaxy Alpha– If you have always complained of Samsung not providing metal incorporated designs in its phones; it is time your wish is fulfilled. Samsung has brought Galaxy Alpha which has been built to give it a sophisticated look. The mid range screen look of t makes it look like a look alike of iPhone but price is quite less compared to that. You can get it for 30k only.

• Samsung Galaxy S4– Though it was released in the year of 2013, it ruled the market with same intensity in the latter year as well. The only con in this model is that the battery performance is not very good. Other than that it has a lot of new feature in it which makes it the flagship phone for Samsung. Though the phone was launched for 40k, its price got reduced in the next year. Now it is available in the market for about 27k.

Samsung has launched some great smart phones out which top 2014 Samsung mobile price list which has been listed.