Top 3 amenities which a hotel must have

In first thought you may think that hotel is a single body but the functioning of it relies on various factors. With these factors a hotel business cannot succeed. In fact these factors are noticeable also and play a major hand in deciding the future of hotel. The main aim of any hotel is to mark a perfect impression in mind of their guests so that they prefer the hotel and even refer their known ones. A perfect impression can be left by the services and amenities provided by the hotel. The amenities will not make the stay of guest comfortable and enjoyable but also help in growth of hotel’s reputation. If the amenities are top notch then results will also be outstanding.

Everyday hotels receive large number of guests each day. Some guests come for pleasure and to spend vacation while others come for business purpose. Irrespective of the purpose for which the guests come the one expectation that every guest has is comfortable and a pleasant stay. The guests expect a feel at home experience when they stay in hotel. In order to satisfy their guests and carve a niche for themselves in competition ridden market hotels need the basic 3 amenities. These amenities include

1) Wi fi internet service

Free Wi Fi in Hotels

Today internet has become a very vital part of everybody’s life. The guests expect when staying in a hotel that it should have a wi fi connection so that they can work on internet. The wi fi services basically attracts the cooperate guests. So to increase the number of guests hotels must have this. The free of cost internet service will help the hotel to attract a large number of potential customers. Today the guests also look for free internet services before they finalize the hotel for their stay. Moreover the travelers travelling with business motive find this facility a boon.

2) Complimentary breakfast

Complimentary Breakfast

The free offer always attracts more customers. Same is the case with the hotels also. The free or complimentary breakfast can also convince the tourists to finalize the hotel. The free breakfast may not include many items but still it can help to get a lot many customers. Further this also strengthens the bond between guests and the hotel. If they like the service they can opt to stay in same hotel in their next visit. Moreover in today’s time almost every customer looks for a free breakfast when booking a particular hotel.

3) Fitness and Spa facility

Gym service in Hotels

This has become one of the must have facility in today’s time. A hotel backed by this facility provides a good option for the guests to de stress themselves. Entertainment is another way which helps the guest to relax. While others look for gym and swimming pool to relax and rejuvenate themselves. A lot many also go for spa services as this can help in their fitness. The recreational activities like these can help the hotel in attracting a lot many guests.

Thus these are some of the basic amenities that a hotel must have. These amenities make sure that hotels receive a lot many guests and they are happy and satisfied while leaving.

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