Top 3 Best Cheap Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

The affordability of laptop bags for men these days can range quite a bit, and it usually depends on what style you want as well as the size and designer that determines how cheap a notebook messenger, briefcase or backpack is. For example, the larger portable computer carrying cases will obviously be more expensive naturally because it takes more material to make them. Other major factors that influence the price are the features whether they deal with comfort, durability and protection, portability, or even just how stylish they happen to be. Obviously you would like to find a selection of cheap laptop bags for men that are also quality, so in this article we will provide you with three of the best discount notebook computer carriers on the market that are marked at an affordable price regularly, and are even more inexpensive on Amazon.

The Best Cheap Laptop Bags for Men on Sale – 2012

Targus Deluxe Cheap Laptop Bags for Men

Targus Deluxe Clamshell Notebook Case

Regular Cost: $40

Discount Price: $34

Targus is normally a brand that is associated with having the most affordable notebook carrying cases, but this particular model is not only very inexpensive even when it’s not on sale, but also has an amazing reputation and tons of positive customer reviews. The Clamshell is capable of holding and protecting PCs with screen sizes of up to 15 inches with their exterior dimensions of 3.8-by-15.3-by-12.5 inches. These popular cheap laptop bags for men are constructed of durable nylon material and feature a heavily padded handle and removable shoulder strap, which is also padded. For storage, they come with an organized zipper pocket with compartments for your cell phone, media player or other accessories, and a back slip pocket for documents.

Mobile Edge 17

Mobile Edge 17.3′ Alienware Orion Portable Computer Backpack

Regular Cost: $100

Discount Price: $65

Even though the retail price does not seem so affordable at $100, this is actually a very fair cost for being such cool notebook computer backpacks that come with high-quality features surrounding comfort and portability, as well as security and convenience. The Mobile Edge large 17′ cheap laptop bags have an ergonomic backing and shoulder straps for superior comfortability, and a wireless security shield which is designed to protect your mobile phone from hackers. They weigh about 5.5 pounds and measure 7-by-20-by-15.5 inches, and one of the best things about them is their checkpoint-friendly features that are TSA-compliant and allow you to pass through airport security without having to remove your notebook computer. So, even though they are priced a little higher than what you would expect, with all of these amazing aspects, it should be no surprise why they are considered cheap laptop bags.

STM Alley Small Cheap Laptop Bags for Men

STM Alley Small Notebook Messenger

Regular Cost: $40

Discount Price: $30

Here is a relatively small guys’ notebook carrying case that actually packs a decent list of features in contrary to what you would expect from a messenger this size and this inexpensive price. Weighing only 2.3 pounds and measuring 3.5-by-13.8-by-10 inches, the STM Alley is one of the most portable cheap laptop bags for men, and with the comfortable, foam top-grab handle and removable, padded shoulder strap, it just adds to their excellent portability functions even more. For protection purposes, they feature a high-density foam-padded computer compartment; and for storage, these top-rated cheap laptop bags have a convenient organizational panel that includes sections for your wallet, keys, cords, or other small accessories, as well as a removable cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap.

It should be pretty easy to see why most guys would consider these portable computer messengers, backpacks and briefcases some of the best that money can buy, even if you are on a budget. However, when you shop on sites like Amazon, you can find a lot more cheap laptop bags for men on sale and some of them might actually be better options for you!