Top 3 Best Cheap Netbooks Under $200 for Sale

Brand new cheap netbooks can be a pain to find, because most of the best mini notebook computers are relatively expensive. However, there are a few ultra portable laptops under $200 for sale in 2012 that are worth checking out, and I’m not talking about used or refurbished models either.

Keep in mind that many cheap netbooks with a price this low will not have as many features as a mini notebook on sale around $300 or $400. They also may lack the kind of power and battery life as the more expensive models. That said, not everybody needs an ultra portable laptop with a bunch of fancy technology and just want something basic. If this is the case, then the following reviews of the best netbooks under $200 should give you an excellent idea on what to expect. All of them are top-rated, have plenty of positive customer reviews and can be bought for close to the listed price on Amazon.

The Best Cheap Netbooks Under $200 in 2012

Coby Kyros Cheap Netbooks Under $200

Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android Touchscreen Tablet

Average Price: $150

This tablet PC-style cheap netbook made by Coby is called the Kyros, and it is almost like having a 7-inch smart phone, but with a few notebook computer capabilities. It comes with Google’s famous Android 2.3 technology and with the Kyros you can browse the web, watch videos on YouTube, and check your e-mail all with high speed wireless Internet connectivity. These popular tablets also feature a 4 GB hard drive with 256 MB of DDR2 SDRAM and a relatively powerful 1 GHz processor. At only 7-inches, this is one of the most portable cheap netbooks under $200 that you can find for sale, and they have a nice, vivid LCD intuitive touchscreen.

iView Android Cheap Netbooks Under $200

iView 7-Inch Android Mini Notebook Computer

Average Price: $120

Here is another model with a 7-inch screen, but it’s designed more like a mini notebook computer rather than a tablet, and the actual size is 8- by 5- by 2-inches. The iView is one of the top-rated cheap netbooks for sale because of the great features you get for the low cost. The Digital LCD screen is quite clear and produces brilliant images displayed in the VGA 800 x 480 pixel format. These affordable, ultra-portable laptops also come with an advanced Android 2.2 operating system a 4GB of flash memory. Weighing in at only 2 pounds, the iView is very light and compact and makes for a perfect business laptop.

EPC 7-Inch Cheap Netbooks Under $200

EPC 7-Inch Ultra-Portable Laptop

Average Price: $120

This EPC 7-inch mini notebooks aren’t necessarily the most popular cheaps netbooks for sale, but they are still a very good option to consider if you are trying to spend under $200. They are designed with advanced micro ‘Windows on Chip’ technology and only weigh a mere 1.6 pounds, making them ideal for students or anyone on the go. With the EPC ultra-portable laptops, you are capable of managing accounts and spreadsheets through Microsoft PowerPoint, watch movies or listen to music with the integrated flash drive and SD card slot and 2 GB of hard drive space.

The reviews here are of the best mini notebook computers on the market in 2012 for this affordable price range, and if you want a better model without spending too much more money, it may be a good idea to browse the web for some sales. There are several popular ultra-portable laptops under $300 that you might find for a discount price and get a better deal in the end. Unless you look for used or refurbished netbooks under $200, you are not likely going to find very many good models for as cheap.