Top 3 Best Electronic Gadgets for Men that Should Be Discounted

The top 3 electronic gadgets that I wish I could get a discount on are a Macbook Pro, a digital camera and an audio interface. Macbook pros are versatile audio and media editing machines, fully equipped and capable of being upgraded with all the software and utilities that any artist would need to be successful. But with a starting price at around 1600, the Macbook’s are anything but cheap, thus the want for a discount. I list a digital camera for similar reasons as the Macbook when it comes to pricing, but with the added positive attributes such as photo manipulation. I chose an audio interface because they are on the pricey side, and I am definitely in need of one. – Los Angeles

THe top 3 best electronics I wish I could get a discount on would be an Iphone, an xbox, and a 3d tv. I would want a discount on an iphone because they are the latest and greatest in the phone world. As much as I love my phone, it has limited accessibility, no access to apps, and is really slow. Next would be an xbox. I choose this because it has a lot of games, the kinect brings in all the capabilities of a wii, and you can watch netflix/hulu and other apps right from the xbox live dashboard. Finally a 3D tv because 3D is the way of the future and the tv’s resolution is awesome and the picture is just stunning. – Gainesville, Virginia

The top 3 best gadgets for which I desire a discount are: Vacuum cleaner, quality vacuums are extremely expensive. $100 bucks if what I would be willing to pay for a quality vacuum. Smart TV – the price for smart tv or the standard LED is crazy for the small amount of extras you get. I would be willing to pay at most $200 more for a TV with ‘smart’ features. Tablets – not necessarily the iPad because their are better alternatives. Just the tablet in general, I would be willing to pay $300 for a decent tablet PC. – Atlanta

The top 3 best electronics for which I wish I could get a discount on are an iPad, an apple laptop and a 3D TV. I would love to pay only a couple hundred dollars for an iPad rather than say five or six hundred. I have always wanted an apple laptop but they are so expensive. I would like to see apple laptops offered at the same price as other brands such as HP. My next television set will probably be a 3D TV but it seems fairly new and a little pricey. I would like to see at least a 47 inch offered for about one thousand or less. The iPad and television are to me more of a phase and can’t see spending more than I have to on it and the apple laptop is just way more than I could imagine paying for a computer. – Barnegat, New Jersey

The top 3 best electronic devices I desire a discount are as follows; iPad 3, Gaming Laptops, and PS Vita. For the iPad 3, I would like to pay around $400, I feel this is a fair price, as it is $100 below the retail value, and the device will no doubt prove invaluable in the future. For a gaming laptop, I’d be willing to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 for a mid-range laptop, as a desktop that could perform almost twice as well would cost only $800 to build. Finally, the PS Vita, I would be willing to pay roughly $200 for it. I have been curious about the device, and there are quite a few games I’d love to pay, but I just can’t justify buying one at the current price. – Brooklyn, New York

The top 3 best electronic gadgets to give discounts on I think that depends upon your perspective. Are you a company sales representative trying to solicit more business or are you consumer looking for a good deal? As a consumer, I would prefer to have Macbooks discounted, I believe that they are quite expensive. I normally opt for buying a PC over a Mac because of the fact that PCs have better performance given their cost in comparison to the Mac. Something else to give a discount on would be the iHomes and other stereo equipment that could support playing of iPods. In this way, people may be more apt to continue buying Apple products if they buy stereos or other equipment that are iPod compatible. The last thing that I think they should discount is security cameras, and their associated peripheral devices. Everyone needs security at this day and age and what better way to sell security equipment than by giving discounts on some types of devices in this area. New Haven, CT

The top 3 best electronic gadgets are the iphone 4s, garmin GPS systems and macbook air. I would pay 100$ for an iphone 4s (with a service plan) because I think most apple products are severely overpriced for what they are compared to competing products. The same goes for the macbook, but obviously I’d be willing to spend more as it’s a laptop as opposed to a smartphone. I would probably be willing to spend about the same as I do on computers that run microsoft software, from about 500$ to $900 depending on specs. The GPS system I would spend a couple hundred dollars on. – Damascus, OR