Top 3 Best Folding Inversion Tables

What are the Top Rated Foldable Inversion Tables?

Are you interested in getting a quality inversion table, however are a bit tight on space — so you are wanting the inversion table to be able to fold up to & easily store away under a bed or against a wall? If so, this showcase guide should be able to help you out, below are three premium foldable inversion tables, each being able to provide you with a quality inversion therapy session.

#1 Ironman Gravity 5800 Folding Inversion Table

The Gravity 5800 is Ironman’s most premium model yet still comes at a very affordable price (of around $200). It is constructed with an extra strong tubular steel framework (covered with a powder coated finish) and attached with non-skid rubber floor stabilizers, meaning you are 100% secure at any point of the inversion.

Its back rest is fitted with a high density memory foam padding (2.5 inch) meaning your back and neck are completely secure and comfortable whilst you are inverted. Nothing quite compares, to the Gravity 5800’s back rest in terms of support, given that it molds specifically to your back. Specifically it can accommodate a user weight of up to 350 lbs and can be adjustable to a height range of 4′ 10′ to 6′ 6′.

To use the Gravity 5800, all you have to do is lay your back parallel to the back rest and slip your feet into the ergonomically shaped & molded ankle holders (fitted with foam), which work on a ratchet system and then raise your hands above you head — and you will gradually start to invert. You can then use the tether strap provided to guide yourself to the desired incline level (available at 10 different ‘lock-in’ points) — up to a full 180 degree angle. To become upright again, simply lower your hands by your side, as you can see from the image on the right, you can also use the extra large U shaped handles to assist yourself getting off.

With regards to its folding system, it can simply turn itself inside (see image) and be able fit nicely in a corner out of the way in your house or within a closet etc. with folded dimensions of 80 x 26 x 17. In all, the gravity 5800 is an excellent therapy inversion device, that is definitely worth a look at.

Rating: 96% (sourced | Dimensions: 49 x 65 x 26 inches | Weight: 76 lbs

#2 Teeter EP-960 Table

The EP-960 is pretty much best the inversion table around — being proven to be no.1 in comp tests as well as being UL Listed to inversion standard. It offers a range of high quality, precise components such as its EZ reach triple ankle lock system with fitted ergo embrace to help relieve ankle pressure.

Moreover, the robust handles fitted are designed so that you get the most out of your stretching — providing you with additional decompression, simple oscillation and assistance with getting on and off the table. The table also comes with DVD workouts to help you keep to a routine as well as an exercise chart. Additionally, it comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty coverage program as well. A table for those looking for the best of the best with regards to foldable inversion tables.

Rating: 96% (sourced

#3 Body Champ IT8070 Table

The IT8070 is an ideal table for those who are after quality yet comes with a very affordable price tag (at just over $100) — representing the best foldable table in terms of value for money.

It works on a dual pin system which means you can easily find the right inversion position for you (at up to 140 degrees) — working in very much the same manner as the Gravity 5800. It does only support a user of up to 250 lbs however and height range of between four foot seven inches and six foot eight inches.

The back rest is fitted with a compact density foam cushioning pad for added support and comfort as well as a purposefully ergonomic ankle lock system (with four foam rollers helping to keep you secure and comfortable).

Rating: 86% (sourced

Which Folding Inversion Table Will You Buy?

All three foldable inversion tables are quality devices, however they cater for slightly different customers — the IT8070 being great in terms of value for money (the best table for a cheap price) whereas the EP-960 is best in terms of quality inversion therapy. The Gravity 5800 represents the best overall model for me however, coming at just over $200, it hosts whole range of quality features and provides substantial support for your back & neck. But which inversion table will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

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