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Top 3 Best Home Theater Projector Under $500 Dollars

Here is a shortlist of the best home theater projectors under $500 dollars in 2012. Movie projectors are often times very expensive, but you can find cheap ones if you know where to look. Projectors are best for viewing sports and movies. It is great for parties and events where you have a lot of people over. Projectors are also portable, so unlike an LCD screen TV, you can enjoy the big screen in different places. You can take it to your friend’s house or even have a little movie screening in your backyard. As a avid film lover, purchasing a home theater projector has changed my viewing experience and really brought the big screen into my apartment. Check out the top home theater projectors under $500 this year.

ViewSonic PJD5123

ViewSonic PJD5123The ViewSonic will give you the best bang for your buck. Weighing in at only 5.7 pounds, it is very light and portable. If you are worried that cheap home theater projectors will not provide you with the same quality as more expensive ones, you couldn’t be more further than the truth. This is the model that I purchased and I had done tons of research beforehand. I was initially worried about the quality of the picture, but after reading tons of reviews, I decided to take the plunge, and now I couldn’t be more happier.

It is perfect for lazy summer nights when you invite friends over to watch a movie in the backyard. I’ve also used it to view Planet Earth and the quality literally blew me away. The projection was extremely crisp and clear. In addition to the excellent quality and price, the ViewSonic is compatible with Apple computers, which was a huge plus for me. To buy on Amazon or read more reviews click here.


Epson EX7200Epson is another company that makes excellent projectors. Although, I do not own an Epson Ex7200, I have friends who use it for their video art productions and I have yet to hear a complaint from them. It is a bit pricier than the ViewSonic but makes up for it with its high quality projection and ability to seen clearly on a huge 86 inch projection screen. Unlike a lot of other projectors on the market, the Epson EX7200 is very quiet, which is nice for watching movies. I’ve played video games on the Epson Ex7200 and I can say that Mario Kart is amazing when played on a huge screen with a bunch of friends. With the Epson Ex7200 you don’t need to purchase an extra screen because it looks really good even on bare walls. Just make sure to dim the lights. To see more specs and reviews on Amazon, click here.

Optoma PRO260X

Optoma PRO260XThe Optoma PRO260X is the most powerful projector on this list and is just a smidgen below 500 dollars. While it is not as great as the projectors that cost thousands of dollars, the Optoma PRO260X blew me away with its bright picture even in a well lit room. I’ve used this projector to play movies and video games and have yet to be disappointed by its overall picture quality. Even on a 85 to 90 inch screen, the Optoma PRO260X shows clear pictures with no signs of fuzziness.

Nevertheless, I did have a small issue with the sound when I hooked it up to the stereo system. During intense gameplay, the audio would crack and buzz. It only did this with video games and not with movies. When I called up the company and told them about the problem, they swiftly replaced my projector for a brand new one, free of charge! Now that’s what I call customer service. To check out more specs and read reviews on Amazon, click here.

These home theater projectors are the best ones under 500 dollars in 2012. On Amazon, you check out more affordable and cheap projectors below five hundred dollars.

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