Top 3 Best Paintball Guns Under $200 for Sale

Paintball markers can be quite expensive if you want the absolute best, but there are still a good amount of guns under $200 that are decent. Depending on your skill level and how often you play, you may not need a model that is priced around three or four hundred dollars. Some of the most popular and advanced markers can be found for twice as much or even more. Top manufacturers like Tippman and Kingman are wise enough to know that not everyone can afford a super-expensive marker, so they have plenty of cheap paintball guns for sale so they can still make money off of the large number of people that happen to be on a budget today. If you fit into this category, then take a look at 3 of the highest-rated markers on Amazon for less than two hundred bucks.

The Best Paintball Guns for Sale Under $200 Dollars – 2012

Tippmann Paintball Guns Under $200 for Sale

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Marker

New: $150
Used: $140

You can’t really go wrong with a Tippman, and this affordable model is very versatile and packs quite a bit of punch for its inexpensive price. The Salvo Marker features a handful of AR-15-style components, such as the six-position, collapsible and folding stock, the shroud with four integrated Picatinny rails, and the magazine with built-in tool storage. These popular Tippmann paintball guns are officially licensed by the US Army and have about a dozen other really cool features, including a removable and adjustable rear and front sight, a durable, 100% aluminum die-cast receiver, a heavy-duty stainless steel braided gas line and a front sling mount. The quick-release feeder elbow, 11-inch quick-thread anodized barrel, and trigger that requires less than 3 pounds of pressure to fire also help make these some of the best paintball guns under $200.

Kingman Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Under $200 for Sale

Kingman Spyder MR4 Military Sims Semi-Auto Paintball Gun

New: $190

Spyder markers are right up there with Tippman as some of the nicest brands to choose from, and the MR4 Military Sims are extremely good paintball guns for sale not only because they are relatively affordable, but also for the fact that you get so much for your money. They feature a patented, efficient EKO Valve System, and are capable of firing up to 1,800 shots from just one 20-ounce CO2 tank, up to two hundred feet with 150 feet of amazing accuracy. While these few things are impressive enough, there is much more to mention like the 12-inch micro-ported barrel with a muzzle break, the multi-Picatinny rail mounting system, the high-impact polymer offset clamping feed neck and the quick-release striker plug pull-pin. Additional features of the Kingman MR4 Semi-Automatic marker are listed below:

  • Shoulder stock
  • Raised sight rail
  • Magazine-style foregrip
  • Side-cocking aluminum bolt
  • Short-pull single trigger
  • Steel-braided hose
  • Polymer trigger frame with high impact resistance
  • External velocity adjuster
  • CO2 or compressed air required
  • Gravity loader included (two hundred rounds)

As you can tell, these are obviously among the best semi-automatic paintball guns under $200 dollars, let alone of any brand or type.

Spyder Electronic Paintball Guns Under $200 for Sale

2012 Spyder Fenix Electronic Marker

New: $180

Finally we come to an awesome new paintball gun in this particular price range and it is definitely a top choice for a plethora of reasons. The Fenix utilizes all of the most recent technology like EKO valve systems, Anti-Chop Systems, a Leap II circuit board with rear-facing Color Access Mode Display, and dual ball detents with aluminum eye covers. All of those features are Kingman’s own unique designs, but they have a lot of other great components as well. Some of these include the 11-inch micro-ported barrel, a 3-way, adjustable, magnetic-response ‘Sabre’ trigger, recessed dual-texture grip, a high-impact polymer trigger frame, and an external velocity adjuster. The Fenix is one of the coolest Spyder paintball guns under $200 and are basically like a hybrid of two of their other top markers — the Electra and the Pilot. They were just released not even two months before writing this, so they are pretty much fresh off the line!

There are quite a few markers that you can find on sale for less than two hundred dollars, but these are by far the best in terms of quality and overall customer satisfaction. Sometimes, a better option may be to buy refurbished or used paintball guns under $200, because then you can get a marker that was once a lot more expensive and thus probably has more advanced features and components. Make sure you check out what else Amazon has to offer!