Top 3 Best Spin Bikes Under $500

Three Great Indoor Spin Bikes for Under 500 Dollars

Investing in a spin bike is a sound plan. It is ideal for the home given that it is small and compact (so it won’t take up much space, especially when compared to a treadmill etc.), yet is completely capable of giving you some incredibly tough cardio workouts (especially if you are following a spin class dvd), hence is great piece for getting fitter, leaner and healthier.

Although some of the top quality spin bikes can get pretty darn expensive (easily in excess of a $1000) — you can still (although they aren’t that common) get a ‘more than’ decent model for under $500 — and this is where this showcase hopes to help you out (to save you the hassle of searching and comparing them all). Below, are three very decent spin bikes for under $500 that have all been considered & selected on what they have to offer you in terms of performance, durability & generally how well ‘long-term’ owners see them — so hopefully you will find the ideal bike for you.

Sunny Health & Fitness – Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This model is perhaps the most popular & best selling spin bikes on the entire market and this is largely attributable to one thing: it offers incredible value for money (being discounted by almost 50% from $600 to around $300).

It offers a fully adjustable ergonomic seat and handlebars so can easily accommodate for both tall and small users just fit everything into place and can support a max user weight of 275 lbs, given its durable heavy duty steel frame. As touched on above, the bike is fitted with wheels underneath the compact frame so it can be taken in and out of storage and moved easily around your house.

The bike works on a 40 lb flywheel drive system all fitted through sunny health & fitness to ensure a significant resistance for you when working out, but also for it to be quiet in operation (so if you’re working out in the morning, you won’t wake up anyone in the process).

Rating: 86% from 500 reviews ( | Dimensions: 48.5′ x 20′ x 46.5′

Phoenix – 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike

The Pro II is a more expensive model (at around $450), but is also a fair bit more advanced than the Sunny & Fitness spin bike. This modern sleek looking Phoenix bike is integrated with a range of features such as the direct drive resistance system & intensity flywheel adapter (tension knob) adjusts to a rider’s intensity levels (whether they are at a beginner or advanced level) as well as letting them ride either forwards or backwards.

It is also bio-mechanically efficient to ensure that all types of riders (accommodating a max weight capacity of 250 lb) get an optimal workout for different aspects of your legs (e.g. drop the saddle down for inner thigh work) with adjustable seat height and angles along with the handlebars. Other aspects include the heavy-duty brake pad system with center pull & sturdy toe clips made of the same alloy material for off-road racing, water bottle & axle. A very decent option for those who are wanting to take fitness a bit more seriously, as it provides many of the aspects a near top-of-the-range spin bike would but at practically half the price.

Rating: 84% from 50 reviews ( | Dimensions: 47′ x 24′ x 42.5′

Horizon Fitness – M4 Indoor Spin Cycle

The Horizon Fitness M4 is probably my favorite. It offers ‘stability’, keeping you stable and secure even in the most intense workouts due to its ‘rugged solid frame‘ (with a max user weight capacity of 285 lbs), ‘adjustability’ allowing you manipulate the handle bars and road-style cycling seat height both vertically & horizontally to get the most comfortable position and ‘versatility’, so you can customize it with different toe-strap pedals, handle bars etc.

It also comes with an LCD console that lists you your basic feedback information like the time, distance traveled, speed and total calories burned. The resistance system works on a chain drive and micro-adjust tension knob & 42.5 lb flywheel. When bought new it also comes with a very decent warranty with 10 years on the frame, 1 year on parts & labor cots.

Rating: 76% from 30 reviews ( | Dimensions: 43′ x 19′ x 35′

Which Indoor Spin Bike Will You Buy?

As you can see each has its own unique aspect to cater for slightly different riders. For me, I like to track metrics and information down, so the M4 would suit me best — whereas others might highly prioritize the smoothness and quietness the sunny & health fitness model offers. So which top rated spin bike will you get and why? If you have selected a different model, please share that too.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the range of top rated spin bikes under $500 then please make them below and if you’ve found this showcase useful, please do give it a like or share.