Top 3 Cheap HD Camcorders under $200 Dollars

Top 3 Cheap HD Camcorders under $200 Dollars

It’s no surprise that most of the modern types of camcorders are expensive not forgetting the often big challenge that there is in finding yourself a perfect one but does this mean that there are no cheap HD camcorders under $200 dollars? Certainly not; with a good search you will get very cheaply priced camcorders that are of just the kind of quality you are looking for. The materials used to manufacture them are usually what make them rather cheap as most manufacturers today are avoiding highly priced materials and going for lower priced ones to reduce camcorder prices in order to attract more customers. There are a few things however that you need to note about each of the brands within this price range for you to make a sound decision:

Fujifilm finepixF70EXR

Fujifilm is not a new name in the world of superb electronics that have made their way to the limelight. All the people well versed with the market know this brand name very well. Fujifilm finepixF70EXR is a unique brand of camcorder that the company has brought in the market and it is among the top 3 cheap HD camcorders under $200 dollars that are worth purchasing. The camera has the ability to produce a wide range of featured images with the resolution of 10 megapixels but still you can adjust it to five to suit exceptional cases. It shoots very fast though it has a few noisy modes that one needs to adapt to. It additionally has incredibly sharp pix. You only need $192 dollars to get one.

Kodak easyshare Z950

Who doesn’t know the brand name “Kodak”? The company has for years put its bar at the ‘reach if you can’ viewpoint with very high quality products and Kodak easyshare Z950 is just one of them. Priced at $183 dollars, it is definitely among the top 3 cheap HD camcorders under $200 dollars that are worth every penny. The camera has a 10-x zoom with full manual controls that add flavor to its cute features. The camera also exhibits a very high definition performance, the reason why many more people are going for it. It has the ability to zoom as you are filming but do keep in mind that it may produce some noise at times when being used.

Olympus stylus 7000

You don’t need to struggle as you shop for cheap HD camcorders under $200 dollars as the Olympus stylus 7000 provides you with a very much viable option. It’s a superlight cheap 7-x zoom camera; priced at $184 dollars and contains a HDMI jack for showing photos in high definition on television. The panorama mode; made in the camera, stitches the consecutive frames together automatically, which eases the use of the camera and provides total efficiency to the user. There are a few setbacks to this camera nonetheless which like the lack of autofocus lamp for low light which you need to be aware of beforehand. It also brings about shutter lags that need the user to exercise some patience when using it.

Well guess now you can find yourself a quality camcorder without squeezing your budget. If the problem was the price you are to pay for one, your solution lies with the top 3 cheap HD camcorders under $200 dollars.